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    Lyanna Mormont Totally Stole The Show In The "Game Of Thrones" Premiere

    If she had three dragons the war would already be over.

    This post contains very mild spoilers for the Season 7 premiere of Game of Thrones.

    There's no doubt Lyanna Mormont, the little lady who leads Bear Island, was the best addition to the Game of Thrones cast in Season 6.

    She stole every single scene she was in, connecting with Davos, throwing shade at Ramsay, and, oh yeah, declaring Jon Snow King in the North!

    So of course when she appeared in the Season 7 premiere, she freaking killed it. The scene took place in Winterfell, with Jon declaring his intention to have women and girls fighting alongside boys and men in the war against the Night King.

    When Lord Glover protested, Lyanna absolutely dragged him.


    Also, shout-out to Sansa, Brienne, and Davos, who looked on with pride and admiration.

    This is SO IMPORTANT to me.

    Lyanna convinced Lord Glover, and everyone else in the room.

    Because she's that damn good.

    Fans were super into it (same).

    "Lyanna Mormont sasses a dude five times her age" is my kind of fanservice #GameOfThrones

    I can't believe lyanna mormont invented feminism #GameOfThrones

    When I grow up, I want to be Lyanna Mormont. #GOTs7

    In short: Just make the whole damn show about Lyanna Mormont.

    Can we PLEASE just go ahead and give Lyanna Mormon the Iron Throne and a dragon? That girl could finish this by next episode. #WinterIsHere

    My all-time fave.