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    23 Feb 2017

    OMG, There's A "Golden Girls" Café And It Looks Amazing

    Yes, they serve cheesecake.

    Hello, fellow Golden Girls fans. Did you know a café dedicated to our girls recently opened up in New York?


    Well, if you didn't, now you do. AND LOOK HOW PERFECT IT IS.

    The wallpaper! The chairs!! The phone!!

    Even the bathroom decor is on point!

    It's called the Rue la Rue, after Rue McLanahan and owner Michael J. LaRue, who was a friend of McLanahan's.

    The café is full of memorabilia, with LaRue telling The New York Times “it’s a museum with good food.”

    The food is, of course, Golden Girls–themed, with dishes like lasagna al forno and Genügenflürgen cake available, along with special coffee blends inspired by the characters.

    And, of course, there's cheesecake.

    Honestly it looks amazing and I'm so mad that I'm stuck in Sydney right now. Anyone in New York, please, go and have some cheesecake for me.


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