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    Here's The "Picnic At Hanging Rock" TV Cast Compared With The Movie Cast

    The story has been given a 2018 makeover and it looks damn good.

    Mrs Appleyard: Rachel Roberts vs Natalie Dormer

    Miranda: Anne-Louise Lambert vs Lily Sullivan

    Irma: Karen Robson vs Samara Weaving

    Marion: Jane Vallis vs Madeleine Madden

    Edith: Christine Schuler vs Ruby Rees

    Michael: Dominic Guard vs Harrison Gilbertson

    Albert: John Jarratt vs James Hoare

    Mlle. de Poitiers: Helen Morse vs Lola Bessis

    Miss Lumley: Kirsty Child vs Yael Stone

    Sara: Margaret Nelson vs Inez Currõ

    Miss McCraw: Vivean Gray vs Anna McGahan

    Picnic at Hanging Rock airs from May 6 on Foxtel in Australia, and will be distributed by the BBC in the UK and Amazon Prime in the US.