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    23 Photos Of Same-Sex Couples That Will Warm Your Heart

    Australian Marriage Equality has compiled a gorgeous collection of images celebrating the love of same-sex couples. You can even add your own!

    1. Just Like You is a campaign started by Australian Marriage Equality.

    Marie-Angela Paino / Via Australian Marriage Equality

    Luke, pictured above, says "Zee and I have been together for close to six years. We would love, love to be able to get married just like others, just like you."

    2. The aim of the campaign is to highlight "how relatable gay and lesbian relationships are through pictures depicting day to day moments of these relationships."

    Marie-Angela Paino / Via Australian Marriage Equality

    Jo and Alex say, "Our kids are now six and eight – they do soccer, ballet, love swimming and playing (too many) computer games like everyone else’s kids! They call us ‘Mummy’ and ‘Mumma’ and to them and their friends we are just like any other family.”

    3. As part of the campaign, Australian Marriage Equality have released a 2014 calendar featuring beautiful images of same-sex couples and their families.

    Sarah Dixley / Via Australian Marriage Equality

    Suz says, "Bern and I met through friends about eight years ago, and have been together for five years, married for two years. We decided to get married when we visited family in Vancouver in Canada. We had Ruby in December 2011. It was the most amazing day ever - Ruby is the greatest thing that has ever happened to us. Ruby is almost walking and loves Dorothy the Dinosaur."

    4. They also asked people in LGBT relationships to upload their own photos to the Australian Marriage Equality website, leading to a collection of truly beautiful images and stories.

    Via Australian Marriage Equality

    James and Mike on their first anniversary: "We’ve never been too comfortable with public displays, but as the camera clicked, we noticed we had drawn the attention of a wedding in the garden, the guests smiling gently at us, and our hearts hung heavy with the wish to one day be united like the happy couple that day. Hopefully, a kiss like this will one day unite us as husbands."

    5. Annie and Monique on their "illegal" wedding day.

    Via Australian Marriage Equality

    "We were ‘illegally’ married in a beautiful ceremony with our family and friends in May 2013. We look forward to the day when we can make it ‘official’."

    6. Juergen and Alex on a camping trip.

    Via Australian Marriage Equality

    "Camping in the high Victorian alps with the love of my life Juergen and my dog Zak," says Alex. "We love the same things as most people, however there is one thing we don’t love – discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation. We and my wonderful family, brother, sister, nieces and nephews, brothers-in-law and cousins all want one thing – the right for me and the partner I love to get married, in my country, the land of my birth and the land I love. Discrimination must stop now.

    7. Renelle and Amanda relaxing.

    Via Australian Marriage Equality

    "Just like every other Aussie family, we love to spend the arvo at the beach. Even the dog is all smiles!"

    8. Susan and Tania at home.

    Via Australian Marriage Equality

    "This photo was taken in our home, having dinner with friends. Totally in love after 23 years, as happy as ever - and they said we wouldn’t last. We’re still here, having raised a son who is serving in the RAA, survived the loss of another son, one of us surviving a stroke... We’re still here!"

    9. Trent and Troy with their kids.

    Via Australian Marriage Equality

    "Troy and I have been together for 16 years. We both wanted children," says Trent. "In 2010 we were blessed with two beautiful kids, Inara and Tydan. In this photo, we were at my sister's property on a family holiday and were fortunate enough to get this lovely photo, and other amazing shots, during a family photo shoot. This photo represents the immense happiness we share together."

    10. Emily and Taryn celebrating.

    Via Australian Marriage Equality

    "Our first home together ready to build! Hopefully it’s built on time for the delivery of our first child!"

    11. Josh and Omar in Paris for their first anniversary.

    Via Australian Marriage Equality

    "We are traveling around Europe to celebrate our love, as our own country doesn’t condone such a 'thing'. We would love to get married in Australia as it is our home... Engaged for six months now, wanting to be married for eternity!"

    12. Gillian and Racheal on their wedding day.

    Via Australian Marriage Equality

    "This was taken on our wedding day during the signing of our certificate. Our daughter Maya was the first to come over and with tears in her eyes said ‘we’re a real family now’. It’s a dream come true."

    13. Lakin and Melanie with their new baby.

    Via Australian Marriage Equality

    "This photo was taken by our wonderful friends from Popcorn Photography a week after our son Otis was born. Love, love, love."

    14. Jonny and Piers celebrating Christmas.

    Via Australian Marriage Equality

    "This photo is of myself, Piers and our little guy Klaus," says Jonny. "This was taken on Christmas at our home, where we spent the day with the family. I love this photo because it shows us at our most comfortable and really shows the love between us. Piers and I celebrated our seven-year anniversary on December 23, and have been engaged since February this year. We’d love nothing more than to be married and be recognised as a family."

    15. Symone and Candy deciding to move in together.

    Via Australian Marriage Equality

    "This is the evening my love decided to move interstate for me. We have now been together for three blissful years," says Symone.

    16. Peter and Les on their wedding day.

    Via Australian Marriage Equality

    "Married in NZ on December 7, 2013 - after more than 20 years of waiting!"

    17. Vicky and Kristen with their kids.

    Via Australian Marriage Equality

    "This photo was taken while on a family holiday in Yarrawonga, Victoria. It was hard to get everyone to smile, but you get that with kids. Our three beautiful children are Leon, 5, Dane, 2, and Eden, 4 months. Life is perfect for our family. We would love to marry one day soon."

    18. Samantha and Lauren on a cruise.

    Via Australian Marriage Equality

    "This was taken as we sailed out of Sydney Harbour in July 2013, on our way to the Pacific Islands for a two week holiday," says Samantha. "The holiday was to celebrate our six year anniversary, Lauren’s 25th birthday, and our big move from Canberra to Sydney, which came with new jobs for both of us."

    19. Angel and Ashley on their wedding day.

    Via Australian Marriage Equality

    "After 25 years together, unable to marry in Australia, we travelled all the way to Spain with family and friends to marry."

    20. Emma and Serena with their daughters.

    Via Australian Marriage Equality

    "I look at this photo and smile," says Emma. "Our girls can say they have two mummies, and with twins that certainly comes in handy! I hope that one day our girls can witness our love united at our wedding. For us, it never comes to mind that we are different or gay - we are simply a family."

    21. Dean and Philip on holidays.

    Via Australian Marriage Equality

    "A romantic moment in Santorini, Greece. Celebrating 19 years of a wonderful and fulfilling relationship."

    22. Richard and James at the beach.

    Via Australian Marriage Equality

    "This was taken at Huskisson Beach on the NSW South Coast at the beginning of 2013, around six months after my partner and I got together," says Richard. "We have since become engaged with matching 'engaygement' rings (as we like to call them). Waiting patiently for the day when we can take our relationship to the next level to become husband and husband. This is one of our favourite pictures as it was spur of the moment, capturing our happiness with each other and our love for one another."

    23. Samuel and Johnny with their daughter.

    Via Australian Marriage Equality

    "Nothing brings us more joy than hanging out with our gorgeous baby daughter Raelah."

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