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This Is What The Cast Of "Peter Pan" Look Like Now

If you didn't have a crush on Peter Pan were you even a '00s kid?

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Jeremy Sumpter (Peter Pan)

Columbia Tristar, Facebook: jeremysumpterofficially

Jeremy is still an actor, notably appearing in Friday Light Nights and Billionaire Ransom.

Rachel Hurd-Wood (Wendy Darling)

Columbia Tristar, BBC

Rachel has acted steadily since Peter Pan, appearing this year in thriller series Clique.

Jason Isaacs (Mr Darling / Captain Hook)

Columbia Tristar,

Apart from giving no fucks on Twitter, Jason has also appeared in the likes of Harry Potter and Star Trek. You've probably never heard of them.

Olivia Williams (Mrs Darling)

Columbia Tristar, ITV

Olivia's recent roles include parts in period productions like The Halycon and Victoria and Abdul.

Freddie Popplewell (Michael Darling)

Columbia Tristar,

Peter Pan was Freddie's only acting role, although his older sister Anna is well-known for her roles The Chronicles of Narnia and Reign.

Ludivine Sagnier (Tinker Bell)

Columbia Tristar, Francois Durand

Ludivine is a French actress who recently appeared in The Young Pope.

George MacKay (Curly)

Columbia Tristar, Carlos Alvarez / Getty Images

George notably starred in 11.22.63 last year and has been cast as Ned Kelly in The True History of the Kelly Gang.

Rupert Simonian (Tootles)

Columbia Tristar, Twitter: @rupertsimonian

Rupert still acts, this year appearing in Instruments of War and Finding Her.

Harry Eden (Nibs)

Columbia Tristar, Instagram: @

After Peter Pan, Harry starred in Oliver Twist and Bleak House, and has acted intermittently in more recent years.

Carsen Gray (Tiger Lily)

Columbia Tristar,

Carsen did not continue acting following Peter Pan, but she released an album this year.

Turns out all children really do grow up.

Colmbia Tristar