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    People Are Calling Out "The Bachelor" For Condoning Bullying

    Romy and Cat have taken mean girls to a whole new level.

    This season of The Bachelor Australia has focused more on the mean girl antics of Romy, Cat and – to a slightly lesser extent – Alisha, than on any budding romance with the Bachelor.


    Viewers on social media have been expressing their distaste for the trio for weeks.

    Tonight's episode took it to a whole new level. When Romy pushed fellow contestant Tenille to breaking point, Tenille requested to be removed from the situation. Instead, producers and camera crew chased after her – and aired the whole behind-the-scenes manipulation for the nation to see, like something right out of Unreal.

    "I can't handle this anymore" 😥 #TheBachelorAU

    Fans of the show were not happy.

    It’s actually scary that Cat and Romy have no idea that they’re the worst people alive. Like, how do you not know you’re a bullying narcissistic that continues to gaslight everyone in the house? Are you that hurt that Nick rejected you? #TheBachelorAU

    romy, people walk away when they feel like 1. they're getting out of control 2. the situation is becoming too aggressive 3. they're uncomfortable it's not a sign of weakness, nor is it something to take pride in making someone do #TheBachelorAU

    Being bullied is really, really painful. Running away like this is not an overreaction, it's fight-or-flight mode. Romy and Cat are vile disgusting pieces of shit. #TheBachelorAU

    This is so disgusting. #TheBachelorAU

    Many called Romy and Cat's behaviour bullying.

    The bullying on this season is appalling and it needs to be stopped. Why is this behaviour being rewarded? I'm so disappointed #theBachelorAu

    So #TheBachelorAU condones outright bullying now? Romy and her horrible gang needs to be taken off the show for their appalling behaviour.

    Can we stop rewarding bullies already?? #EvictRomey #TheBachelorAU

    Seriously, for the purpose of mental health in the house, can Romy and Cat please be silenced. #TheBachelorAU

    And people were pretty disgusted that the producers made the whole situation worse.

    So Tenille CALMLY requests to remove her mic, is forced to remove it herself and is STILL calm until she’s repeatedly chased by a producer shouting “babe” and a cameraman until she’s reduced to tears, this isn’t cute? This isn’t fun to watch at all #TheBachelorAU

    The producers are complicit in bullying. They know exactly what's going on and they haven't intervened This is an unsafe workplace and Romy is a psychopath #TheBachelorAU

    The Bachelor endorses straight up bullying and I am fucking over it glorifying this behaviour like this is very negative as girls as people may think this form of absoloute dreadful behaviour is how you treat people P.S It's not #thebachelorau

    The producers are perpetuating awful behaviour by not telling Nick about the way these girls are behaving. Cat and Romy are BULLIES. They are vicious and disgusting. @channelten you need to stamp this behaviour out and not glorify these kind of appaling actions #TheBachelorAU

    The producers have such a platform to empower women rather than validate this horrible behaviour to tear each other down. Romy is a disgusting human & channel 10 should be ashamed. #TheBachelorAU

    A lot of people shared how the nasty behaviour was putting them off the show altogether.

    Why has Romy been allowed to get away with her harassment, bullying & intimidation. @TheBachelorAU is losing people because the level of bitchiness this yr. It’s disgusting how Romy & Cat have been allowed to rip others to shreds without consequences #Unacceptable #TheBachelorAU

    I honestly love a bit of reality TV drama but it's getting increasingly harder to watch this bullshit with Romy and Cat. Producers, how did you sit by and let this happen? #thebachelorau

    #TheBachelorAU This is my first ever tweet .. after watching tonight's episode I felt I had to say something!! I usually don't mind the show but I can't believe now how much bullying is happening .. and the language .. I thought we were trying to deter bullying in our society!!

    Ok I think the show has gone far enough. Time for something to be done about these bully’s. This isn’t entertaining anymore. We love to hate ppl on reality TV - but the behaviour of these girls is not something we should stand for. #TheBachelorAU #BachelorAU

    “I’m quite sick of listening to her shit.” Amen sister. We all are. This episode is appalling. #TheBachelorAU

    The promo for tomorrow night's episode suggested Nick kicks someone out. Here's hoping it's one (or all) of the bullies.

    Twitter when Nick boots Romy #TheBachelorAU

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