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People Think This Week's "Game Of Thrones" Was The Best Episode Ever


Episode 9 of each season of Game of Thrones is always huge, but "The Battle of the Bastards" might just be the biggest yet.

SO MUCH HAPPENED and fans are just really overwhelmed right now.

It was intense as hell.

Like seriously, so stressful.

This is how I just spent the past hour of my life #GameofThrones

It was an actual roller coaster of emotions.

First 57 minutes of #GameofThrones tonight gave me heart palpitations, acid reflux. the last 30 seconds had me like

This was me watching #GameOfThrones tonight. The entire damn time! Amazing!!!

We endure all the horror of #GameofThrones because we get treated to episodes/moments like that which make us feel

And ultimately, incredibly satisfying.

It was definitely one of the best episodes of Game of Thrones ever.

Every season of #GameofThrones has "that one episode." Tonight was that episode.

Maybe even THE best?

Me after this #GameofThrones episode


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