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This Is What Happened When We Showed Non-Australians Photos Of Aussie Christmas

"I'm getting the impression Christmas is way, WAY better in Australia."

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BuzzFeed Australia sent a bunch of uncaptioned photos of Australian Christmas traditions to our international colleagues and asked them to write down their immediate thoughts. This is what happened...

1. Backyard cricket.

Odilon (France): You guys must be freezi... OH WAIT.

Victor (Russia): Would be more fun if you were using not a real ball, but food!

Hilary (UK): Playing cricket is never fun, so to do it on Christmas Day is tantamount to child abuse. Is this what Santa does to kids who have been naughty instead of nice?

Luke (UK): Physical activity at Christmas? WTF? Christmas for Brits is a week-long orgy of Baileys-soaked, sofa-bound indolence. You're not supposed to work up a sweat.

Adam (US): Cricket doesn't make sense to me at any time of year, let alone on Christmas.

Chelsea (US): Are they playing baseball?

Keely (US):
This looks like a frat party. Why are we having a frat party on the birth of Jesus?

2. Water fights.

Flickr: kingbob86

Odilon (France): This one kinda gets me jealous... but then again, can you make snowball battles? I didn't think so.

Victor (Russia): I guess it's just a regular weekend in Australia, not a special Christmas tradition.

Laura (UK): Does everything in Australia look like a still from Neighbours?

Hilary (UK): This looks like people trying to do the ice bucket challenge, but you don't have ice in Australia because it's too hot so you're using boiling water instead, you crazy, crazy sods.

Adam (US): This is literally just a waterfight. What does this have to do with Jesus?

Elaina (US): I'm just worried about those glasses that are mid-air rn.

3. CBF Christmas "tree".

Odilon (France): OH MY GOD. You Aussies are such show-offs!

Victor (Russia): It's 100% environmentally friendly.

Laura (UK): Pure sadness.

Luke (UK): This just makes me feel bad for you. How can you get cosy and festive when the weather is sweltering?

Elaina (US):
It's summer there, so makes sense.

Adam (US): A cool breeze is more important than anything else, imo.

Keely (US): This is a cruel joke.


4. A Christmas bus.

Odilon (France): I'm guessing this bus driver is an American trying to recreate his lost art in a country with no soul.

Victor (Russia): This is the best bus ever.

Hilary (UK): You don't have Santa's grottos in Australia, so kids just get the bus instead. And instead of meeting Santa they just get scowled at by the driver to teach them a valuable lesson about disappointment.

Luke (UK): You decorate your buses? That's really sweet.

Chelsea (US): It looks like the dollar bin the day after Christmas threw up in here.

Elaina (US): This is the elusive Christmas bus that makes it's way around town and you never know when it's going to show up.

Keely (US): This is a trolley to hell.

5. Santa delivering lollies to kids on the back of a firetruck.

Odilon (France): Hmm how much reindeer-power does a truck have?

Victor (Russia):
Santa is promoting fire safety?

Hilary (UK): Because of the constant risk of bush fires, Santa's usual Christmas gift to children is a dose of flame retardant spray, which he's about to let loose.

Luke (UK): Is that what you guys call a ute? Australians love to talk about utes.

Adam (US): Given that it's summer in Australia, all I can think about is how hot that guy must be in a full Santa costume.

Chris (US): Off-road Santa!

Keely (US): Are those men throwing garbage at children?

6. Prawns.

Odilon (France): Eww.

Victor (Russia): Perfect Christmas breakfast.

Hilary (UK): Turkey looks really weird in Australia.

Luke (UK):
Prawns. Fundamentally not Chistmassy.

Adam (US): Lol shrimp on the barbie lol.

Chris (US): Too many eyes...

Chelsea (US): I weirdly see how this is traditional 'cause of the red. But seems messy and scary.

Keely (US): This actually looks pretty delish.

7. A sandman.

Instagram: @caity_harrison

Hilary (UK): Jabba the Hutt's really let himself go.

Laura (UK): Looks like a pile of shite.

Luke (UK): Something weirdly melancholy about this.

Adam (US): This is bad and you should feel bad.

Chelsea (US): Nice use of what you have! Not everyone gets snow. Good job, guys.

Keely (US):


8. Treats left out for Santa and his reindeer.

Odilon (France): OK that actually looks really good. You guys are making me jealous again.

Victor (Russia):
It feels so lonely and sad when I look at this picture.

Laura (UK):
Is this a visual euphemism?

Luke (UK): Needs more goon.

Chris (US): Does Santa have a DD?

Chesea (US):
What am I looking at? It seems like the Christmas dinner of a recently divorced single dad. But hey, maybe that's Santa's whole thing anyways.

Elaina (US):
I think Santa def deserves that beer and American families would be clever to take up the tradition.

9. Pavlova.

Victor (Russie): OMNOMNOM.

Laura (UK):
Can't set fire to that, can you?

Adam (US):
I mean, I don't know what this is, but 10/10 would eat.

Chris (US):
Top looks 100. Bottom of this looks 0.

Chelsea (US):
Pro: Fruit and cream. Con: The cardboard underneath.

Elaina (US):
Never trust a fruitcake.

Keely (US): Why have you ruined a perfectly good pizza? Look at it, it's got fruit instead of cheese. Fuck that.

10. Champagne with strawberries.

Victor (Russia): How many of those do you you need to get in the Christmas mood? Like 10?

Laura (UK): A+, would drink.

Luke (UK): Glass of fizz. That works. That's a Christmas breakfast drink in Britain. Have a couple before you shower, start the day off right.

Chris (US): Looks good but apparently someone abandoned it in the park?

Chelsea (US):
Looks delicious. Wish Christmas was always so summery.

Keely (US): This looks delicious but not at all Christmassy. This is like a golfing drink.

11. Christmas decorations.

Odilon (France): Show-offs... Show-offs everywhere!

Victor (Russia): I am soooo jealous now! You guys are so lucky.

Laura (UK): A+, would Instagram.

Chris (US):
If they don't stay up year-round then I'll be sad.

Chelsea (US): That tree in the background looks terrifying because of the face. I don't think Santa goes surfing and if he did, he'd probably shave his beard.

Elaina (US): They're a little over-BOARD. Heh. Get it? I made a surfboard pun. Nice.

Keely (US):
Now THIS looks like Christmas.


12. Christmas day at the beach.

Victor (Russia): Go away, Australia! You're too perfect for the rest of us.

Laura (UK): Well this is just silly.

Luke (UK): Those beards are going to be sodden with sweat. Not pleasant.

Adam (US): Christmas should be snowy, so this makes me highly uncomfortable. This feels so wrong.

Chris (US): I'm getting the impression Christmas is way, WAY better in Australia.

Chelsea (US): Honestly, this just looks like the guys from Santacon got lost and ended up in Australia. Which is fine with me, you can have them.

Keely (US):
This is rude. This is so rude.

13. Australian "Jingle Bells".

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Odilon (France): That can't be real. Please tell me it's not?

Victor (Russia):
Where is Rudolph?

Laura (UK): My god.

Luke (UK): This just makes me feel confused and tired.

Chris (US): I'm going to scream this outside of my neighbour's house.

Chelsea: I feel like they're making do with a shitty Christmas situation. I do think maybe just write a new song? But whatever, you do you, Australia. I'm just thankful Vegemite wasn't on this post.


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