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    This Disney Cosplayer Looks Exactly Like Prince Eric In Real Life

    He's part of your world.

    Leo Camacho is a cosplayer with a penchant for Disney characters – especially Prince Eric, who is basically his cartoon doppelgänger*.


    *Not to be confused with a dinglehopper.

    Look at this likeness.

    York in a Box / Facebook: YorkInABox

    Leo told BuzzFeed he's drawn to "genetic cosplay" – characters he naturally looks like – and builds his costume from there.

    Eric isn't the only character he's cosplayed. He's also done Aladdin...


    Jack Sparrow...

    Poe Dameron...

    And, his favourite, Once Upon a Time's Hook.

    York in a Box / Facebook: YorkInABox

    "People genuinely double-take when they see me and love to spark up conversation about how much I look like him. People love that character and ladies in particular LOVE to be honest about how they feel about him. It's pretty hilarious," Leo told BuzzFeed.

    See more of Leo's cosplays (including non-Disney characters) on his Instagram and Facebook pages.

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