12 Major Differences Between The "Paper Girls" Show And Comics

    Some things are actually better in the show!

    🚨 WARNING: this post contains major spoilers for Paper Girls Season 1 as well as the comics! 🚨

    Paper Girls is a new series on Prime Video based on the popular comics by Brian K. Vaughn and Cliff Chiang.

    The four paper girls stand in a row holding hands and staring ahead in front of a house; everything is bathed in a pinkish purple light

    1. The girls travel to different times in the show vs the comics.

    KJ and Mac are seen from behind looking through a glass window at Tiff and Erin

    2. Mac's family play larger roles.

    Close-up of adult Dylan

    3. The monsters have been reduced in the show.

    A giant robot runs through a field

    4. Adult Erin isn't quite so miserable.

    Adult Erin stands in her house talking

    5. Adult Tiffany is on a different journey.

    Adult Tiffany and young Tiffany smile and shake hands

    6. There's no Larry or Juniper in the comics.

    Larry stands with his mouth open

    7. Prioress has a bigger role in the show.

    Prioress looks serious

    8. KJ kills a different person.

    KJ looks shocked while holding her hockey stick; Mac, Erin and Tiffany look shocked behind her

    9. There are no clones in the show.

    Erin stands in the dark

    10. KJ gets her period in the comics, not Erin.

    Mac and Erin lean against a window talking

    11. KJ confronts her sexuality in a different way.

    Adult KJ kisses her girlfriend

    12. Wari and baby Jahpo are not in the show.

    TIff, Mac, Erin, and KJ stand in a kitchen wearing bloodied clothes

    Do you prefer the Paper Girls comics or show?