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17 Confessions From Over-Thinkers That Are Way Too Real

I'm over-thinking about how much I over-think. Confessions via Whisper.

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1. On creating problems in your own head:

2. On the way over-thinking can paralyse you:

3. On feeling out of control:

4. On the effect it has on your sex life:

5. And relationships:

6. On the uselessness of it all:

7. On feeling helpless:

8. On being stuck inside your mind:

9. On being triggered by random things:

10. On obsessing over everything you say or do:

11. On worrying about things no one else even cares about:

12. On the way it saps your happiness:

13. On hating this habit:

14. On feeling crazy:

15. On making things worse:

16. On yearning to be calm:

17. And on being in a never-ending cycle: