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For Everyone Who Had A Crush On Simon From "Play School"

There's a bae in there.

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When you were a kid, Play School was often the highlight of your day. But there were days when it was even more special: Simon days.


You didn't quite understand it, but you knew in your heart Simon was bae.

You could watch Simon's dreamy face all day. Even when he was talking about rocks.


And you could listen to his dreamy voice forever.

I'll sit and stare all right.

Watching Simon dance made you want to ~dance~.

And of course when he teamed up with Monica, it was even more magical.


"Yes, hello, doctor? I have a bad case of crushitis."

"Oh, there's no cure? OK, I can live with it."

"Oh yes. I'll be just fine."

Here's to Simon, and the thirst he ignited in all our lives.