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27 Times JB Hi-Fi Was The Most Weirdly Hilarious Store In Australia

Sometimes the reviews are better than the actual products.

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1. When they took drastic measures:

2. When they knew their audience:

3. When this ~accident~ happened:

4. When they took puns to the next level:

5. Over...

6. And over...

7. And over...

8. And over...

9. And over again.

10. When they trolled everyone:

11. When they released these ~exclusive~ covers:

12. When they nailed Tumblr:

13. When they spoke wookiee:

14. When they just wanted to be clear:

15. When they issued this actual burn:

16. And got way, way too real:

17. When they made the future seem terrifying:

18. When they dropped this truth bomb:

19. When they spoke for lonely people everywhere:

20. When there were no ~blurred lines~:

21. When they took a shot at censorship:

22. When they summed up the whole movie in one sentence:

23. And said what we were all really thinking:

24. When they spoke to your soul:

25. When they got super meta:

26. When they got scientific:

27. And when they just completely nailed it: