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Can You Make It Through This Post Without Going NOPE?

Gonna bet on NOPE.

1. Does this proud mother and her brood of babies make you go NOPE?

2. How about this spider who will never surrender his freedom?

3. Or these guys who just wanted a cozy home?

4. What about this GIF of NOPE?

5. Or this one?

6. How about this NOPE attack?

7. Or this NOOOOOOPE?!

8. What are your thoughts on this flying fox? Are they NOPE?

9. What about the position this guy has found himself in?

10. Or this giant rope swing?

11. How does this guy diving right off the edge of the world make you feel?

12. What about whatever the hell this is, found attached to someone's back at the beach?!

13. Here's a snake who probably just wants a nice hot shower to warm his cold cold blood.

14. And this one who doesn't really understand the concept of boundaries.

15. Here's a snake that scored a hole in one.

16. This snake was just so hungry he ate a CROCODILE.

17. And this one is either into really kinky stuff – or he ate that flying fox.


19. Need a breather? OK, here's a shark made of potato.

20. And a cuddly koala, who wants to go on a roadtrip.

21. And some rats who just want to make out.

22. Then there's this bright orange fish, kinda like Nemo, no?

23. How's this for a NOPE?

24. Or this?

25. Or this?

26. Or this?

27. OR THIS?!?!?!

28. How does this close encounter make you feel?

29. Does this one make you go NOPE?

30. How about this FaceFusion?

31. Does this alternate version of Sesame Street where Big Bird wants to eat tiny children make you go NOPE?

32. What about this place where dolls go to die?

33. How about the thought of this guy coming down your chimney?

34. Here's a croc just out for a drive with his human.

35. And this one who just wants to help mow the lawn.

36. Here's one great big NOPE.

37. And lots of little NOPES.

38. ...Aaaaaand NOPE.


So... how'd you do?