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    21 Movies That Aren't Technically Christmas Movies But Are Totally Christmas Movies

    Yes, Die Hard is on this list.

    We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us which non-Christmassy movies they still love to watch during the holidays. Here are the best recommendations...

    1. The Long Kiss Goodnight

    2. Jumanji

    3. Die Hard

    4. The Harry Potter series

    5. Little Women

    6. The Sound of Music

    7. While You Were Sleeping

    8. The Grand Budapest Hotel

    9. Catch Me If You Can

    10. Gremlins

    11. The Last Unicorn

    12. Desk Set

    13. Lady and the Tramp

    14. Mean Girls

    15. Groundhog Day

    16. Just Friends

    17. Stepmom

    18. The Family Stone

    19. The Parent Trap

    20. You've Got Mail

    21. Meet Me in St Louis

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