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    21 Movies That Aren't Technically Christmas Movies But Are Totally Christmas Movies

    Yes, Die Hard is on this list.

    We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us which non-Christmassy movies they still love to watch during the holidays. Here are the best recommendations...

    1. The Long Kiss Goodnight

    New Line Cinema

    "Samuel L. Jackson makes this movie. Geena Davis is great. This movie is way underrated." —jenniferk443fb148f

    2. Jumanji

    TriStar Pictures

    "It's Christmas at the end when Alan reunites with the kids!" —amy91

    3. Die Hard

    20th Century Fox

    "Die Hard of course! Can't beat it. I watch it every year." —karlag493fe7e25

    4. The Harry Potter series

    Warner Bros

    "There used to be Harry Potter marathons around Christmas but now that ABC Family doesn't do that, we still watch the movies. There's something very Christmassy about it, and not just the Christmas scenes!" —stevenlegits

    5. Little Women

    Columbia Pictures

    "It’s really about sisters and family and how our lives change over time, but there are several great Christmas and winter scenes that make it a must-watch each year." —julesf

    6. The Sound of Music

    20th Century Fox

    "It makes me happy every time I watch it, so why not watch it at ~the most wonderful time of the year~!" —ShealynBlaik

    7. While You Were Sleeping

    Hollywood Pictures

    "It features Christmas and New Year's and it has Sandra Bullock in it, as well as Peter Gallagher and those fantastic eyebrows of his. And it takes place in Chicago! It's so fantastically charming and adorable. My sister and I love it so much, we watched it ad nauseam as teenagers – and it still has a place in my Christmas movie rotation." —dropintheocean7

    8. The Grand Budapest Hotel

    Fox Searchlight Pictures

    "The Grand Budapest Hotel is pretty much the definition of a movie with a Christmas vibe without actually being a Christmas movie." —marieannmarie

    9. Catch Me If You Can


    "Not a Christmas movie at all, but it has a few scenes that take place around Christmastime. It's usually one of the first movies I watch to kick off the holiday season." —a43920c533

    10. Gremlins

    Warner Bros

    "That scene where Phoebe Cates describes how her father died at Christmas getting stuck in the chimney and rotting in there for days messed me up as a kid. So obviously I still watch it every Christmas season." —GutterslutSensations

    11. The Last Unicorn

    Rankin/Bass Productions

    "It is always on TV here in Germany. You probably know the song but not the movie it belongs to. Also, Christopher Lee is the mad king!" —ireth

    12. Desk Set

    20th Century Fox

    "Katharine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy. This movie is SO good! Flawlessly funny in the old-fashioned way. There isn’t a lot of holiday activity, but the Christmas party sequence is definitely memorable. Never fails to make me laugh out loud." —tyrannosaurusLEX2229

    13. Lady and the Tramp


    "It’s on my bucket list to get a puppy in a hat box for Christmas." —stre160

    14. Mean Girls

    Paramount Pictures

    "It covers the course of a year, so Halloween and the Spring Fling are included, but the Christmas scenes are particularly funny." —dasenmad

    15. Groundhog Day

    Columbia Pictures

    "Seeing the fun snow men and ice sculptures with a side of seasonal depression really gives me the Christmas spirit." —e45700d578

    16. Just Friends

    New Line Cinema

    "It's absolutely a Christmas movie (what's more Christmassy than returning to your hometown after a long time around the holidays?), but I'm constantly getting in arguments with people over whether it counts. Its honestly one of my favourite movies, period.
" —marieannmarie

    17. Stepmom

    Columbia Pictures

    "Susan Sarandon’s performance as a terminally ill woman coming to terms with her children’s future stepmom, played by Julia Roberts, will bring even the toughest people to tears. Aside from crying like a baby while I watch it, I love the last-quarter-of-the-year vibes that include Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas." —sandrab4fbdf3282

    18. The Family Stone

    20th Century Fox

    "It takes place over Christmas and it gives you all the feels." —Dwayne

    19. The Parent Trap


    "I'm not sure how long ago this tradition started, or why, but every year around Christmastime, I always make a mug cake and watch The Parent Trap. I think it's good for Christmastime because it brings in family unity, which is a really important thing in my family, but it's also just a simple kid's movie that's easy to watch." —novemberrose14

    20. You've Got Mail

    Warner Bros

    "It’s a classic that just makes my heart happy. It's set over the course of a year, so there is a taste of Christmas, without being full-on holiday." —cassidyr4670bf97c

    21. Meet Me in St Louis


    "It is often forgotten in holiday lists, but it is one of the best and sweetest musicals." —mpudelka14

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