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47 Times Australians Were The Funniest People On Tumblr In 2016

"Without sausage sizzles, Australia would literally collapse and turn into Mad Max."

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1. On culture:

2. On stereotypes:

3. On the Australian man:


5. On magpies:

7. On cassowaries:


12. On étiquette:


16. On Evanescence:

17. And Pacific Rim:


20. And that Aussie aesthetic:

23. On shopping online:


24. On Milo:

25. On job ads:

26. On the census:

28. And good judgement:

31. On overseas travel:

39. On bogans:

40. On Kmart:

42. On the nation's capital:

45. On commerce:

47. And this 100% guaranteed real and authentic fact:

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