New Zealand Prime Minister Accused Of Making Fun Of Domestic Violence

    John Key wore a T-shirt that said "I'm not sorry for being a man".

    New Zealand's prime minister, John Key, is facing a backlash after being photographed at The Edge radio station wearing a T-shirt with the slogan "I'm not sorry for being a man".

    The shirt is a reference to a speech former Labour leader David Cunliffe made at a Women's Refuge symposium, when he said, "I'm sorry for being a man ... because family and sexual violence is perpetrated overwhelmingly by men against women and children."

    Both Key and The Edge received criticism on Facebook after the photo was posted to host Jay-Jay Harvey's page.

    Hundreds of commenters expressed their anger at the PM seeming to make light of a serious issue.

    Some commenters even photoshopped "more honest" slogans on the tee.

    Harvey and Key have yet to respond to the backlash.

    Harvey told BuzzFeed News:

    "The shirt was part of a trio of joke Secret Santa gifts for John, all in relation to high-profile news stories involving politics. A bottle of Whale Oil, (website scandal), a Kim Dotcom cd (there was a police raid on Kim Dotcom's house, his assets were seized by the FBI then Kim sponsored a political party, which never made it to parliament) and the shirt is in reference to former leader of the opposition David Cunliffe saying at a Women's Refuge get-together 'I'm sorry for being a man'. The tee we gave john is a joke against David Cunliffe. Nothing more.

    "Having the PM on our show is always polarising, no matter who it is. Like Taylor Swift says, 'Haters gonna hate, hate, hate ,hate, hate'."