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    People Are Posting Hilarious Tweets About Netflix's "Persuasion"

    "He's a 10, but he's your cousin."

    Netflix recently released Persuasion, an adaptation of Jane Austen's classic novel of the same name, starring Dakota Johnson, Cosmo Jarvis, and Henry Golding.

    Dakota Johnson as Anne Elliot looking out a window

    The movie — which modernizes the dialogue, breaks the fourth wall, and makes big changes to Anne's character in particular — has audiences divided, with some people loving it and a lot of people really not loving it. But one thing unites everyone: memes. Here are the best about Netflix's Persuasion...


    he's a 10 but he's your cousin #persuasion

    Twitter: @rationalseries / Nick Wall / Netflix


    you could not convince me this is a period drama movie let alone a JANE AUSTEN adaptation with this dialogue… #Persuasion

    Twitter: @darcyslizzy / Netflix


    Twitter: @RachelLeishman / Netflix


    Wentworth: “Do you know what it takes to turn a ship around?” Anne: “Yes. *smiles at the camera* From personal experience.” Me: #Persuasion #PersuasionNetflix

    Twitter: @RandomTVPollsJP / Bravo


    I’m sorry Louisa launching herself onto the ground for no reason is hilarious. I know she’s embarrassed #Persuasion

    Twitter: @aaaazandra


    if i had been in the writers' room when they were adapting persuasion i would've proposed "there could have been no two hearts so open, no tastes so similar, no feelings so in unison" to be changed to "he's just like me fr"

    Twitter: @vacantribcage


    Netflix’s Persuasion has confused Anne Elliot with Elizabeth Bennett

    Twitter: @FashionNeen


    “No one’s asked me a question in 45 minutes” #Persuasion

    Twitter: @fuertecito / Netflix


    They playing musical chairs LOL #Persuasion

    Twitter: @girlfromaspen


    see i dont like the cast for netflix's persuasion bc if henry golding shows interest in u there's no love triangle okay u go with henry golding

    Twitter: @porsephene


    dakota johnson’s american accent slipping through as anne elliot…i know her dating chris martin was the extent of her training or whatever #persuasion

    Twitter: @darcyslizzy


    Twitter: @earthtotz / Paramount


    Hey (with the intention of marrying you so I can still inherit the baronetcy) #persuasion

    Twitter: @3tuxedocats


    Everyone when Louisa Musgrove jumped off the sea wall at Lyme

    Twitter: @RohitaKadambi / VH1


    currently streaming netflix's persuasion

    Twitter: @gremlita


    Netflix’s Persuasion making Anne the wine aunt is honestly great to me. Along with making Mary the vapid ww who misuses terms to make herself constantly the center of attention. An empath? Yes perfect. Nailed it.

    Twitter: @bookhoarding


    the bennifer saga is a better adaptation of Persuasion than Persuasion (2022)

    Twitter: @colormeloverly


    Watching the new Netflix version of Persuasion and it turns out I don't give a shit about historical accuracy, as long as everyone in the film is so very pretty.

    Twitter: @scalzi / Netflix


    jane austen crying shaking throwing up in her grave after dakota johnson said “now we’re worse than exes, we’re friends” in persuasion on netflix

    Twitter: @whysopain


    Netflix’s #Persuasion, 2022: All agony, no hope.

    Twitter: @emmyannellis


    Things that Netflix removed from the original when they remade #Persuasion: - Subtlety - All of the protagonist’s defining characteristics - Key themes - The evolution of tension between Anne and Wentworth - Mrs Smith The things they kept: - Sexy Mr Elliot

    Twitter: @MagazineAmplify


    And Netflix has a new Jane Austen adaptation, you hear about this folks? Persuasion. It’s not working on the viewers, that much is clear.

    Twitter: @scriptumsent / The Jay Leno Show / NBC


    Netflix looking at how much people are talking about Persuasion on social media. “Ok so in Persuasion 2: 2 Bath, 2 Furious we’re gonna have more wine and barouche races.”

    Twitter: @bookhoarding


    I liked the Dakota Johnson persuasion adaptation

    Twitter: @keileykaiser / Tati

    What did you think of Persuasion? Let us know in the comments.