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    28 Tweets About "Nanette" To Send To Your Friends Who Haven't Watched It Yet

    It is as good as everyone says.

    As an Australian, I've been familiar with Hannah Gadsby's work for years. But it took me a long time to get around to watching Nanette, her latest show-turned-Netflix-special, because I suspected it would emotionally destroy me.

    Well, last night I finally watched it, and while it did indeed make me VERY emotional, I actually felt the opposite of destroyed.

    It is as good as everyone says it is, and then some. It's funny, touching, raw, inspiring, empowering...all of the good adjectives.

    Anyway, I'm still processing the whole thing, so naturally I turned to Twitter to see how others were coping. Here are some highlights, in case you need help processing too (or just want extra ammo to send to your friends who, like me, are late to the party)...


    Is there a prescription that treats post #Nanette watching syndrome, like do we all drink dandelion tea or just continue to stare at the wall for a few more days and freak out, let me know.


    What if we cancelled stand-up comedy and just had lesbians speaking truth to power for a few decades instead? #Nanette


    It's been almost 24 hours since I watched @Hannahgadsby 's #Nanette and I'm still overwhelmed with emotion. Is that normal?


    Three days after watching #Nanette, I finally feel able to voice an opinion. If Netflix were to delete their entire library, and keep just @Hannahgadsby's 1 hour and 9 minutes of brilliance, It would still be worth the price of subscription.


    New profile on Bumble: “Do not fucking talk to me until you have seen #Nanette.”


    I feel like I haven't seen other stand up comedians talking enough about #nanette which is so stupid bc it's your new benchmark, y'all


    The only person I can see being legitimately disappointed in the subject matter covered by #Nanette is Nanette.


    we are not flesh vases for your deadass dick flowers #nanette


    Just sitting here trying to think of superlatives for #Nanette and @Hannahgadsby.


    #Nanette is to comedy as #Hamilton is to musicals


    I love that @Hannahgadsby’s response to insane levels of international fame is to just post photos of her dogs. If that’s not 100% lesbian content, I don’t know what is. #nanettflix #nanette


    "A SEVENTEEN YEAR OLD GIRL IS NEVER EVER EVER IN HER PRIME!" has been ringing in my ears for two days straight #Nanette


    If you're a straight white guy please take some time to just sit down shut up and listen. Listen to @Hannahgadsby and #Nanette Listen to the women you live with. Listen to the women you work with. Listen to the broken woman who's rebuilding herself. JUST LISTEN.


    Everybody watch #Nanette. That hour special needs a monthly discussion group.


    When @Hannahgadsby said "would you test your strength out on me?" god I felt that in my bones. I want to say that one day and really, really fucking mean it. #Nanette


    are all the people recommending Hannah Gadsby: #Nanette without telling you anything about it keeping mum because they don't want to spoil it, or because it left them bereft of words? i'd say it's about 60/40 both for me. you're not ready for it; watch it anyway.


    If you haven't seen NANETTE yet, plug in and watch. One hour of bracing bliss. @Hannahgadsby making amazing use of her Art History degree is only the eighth or ninth most inspiring thing about it


    Watching #Nanette on Netflix has made me realised why certain men want to silence women. When our stories are told with raw emotion it gives us strength.


    I’ve been a professional comic for 30 years. I’ve been studying comedy for even longer. I thought I had seen everything...until I watched Nanette on @netflix by @Hannahgadsby. I was blown away. I urge you to watch it ASAP - one hour and it’ll change your life.


    lucky enough to see @Hannahgadsby “Nanette” in the theater last night. A. she is brilliant + brave B. one of the most profound + thought provoking experiences of my life. C. thank you, hannah. thank you. 🙏🏻 see it live... or it’s on @netflix


    Nanette by @Hannahgadsby is stunning. It made me feel happy, angry, sad and, ultimately, connected. What a gift.


    .@Hannahgadsby You cracked my heart open in so many places. Thank you forever. I’m in your tribe of Others; don’t ever feel lonely. Nanette is a masterpiece x Thandie


    nanette broke me into a thousand pieces and put me back together and i’m different now but also a lot better


    Just watched Nanette. @Hannahgadsby, I'm a straight, white, Tasmanian male and you made me squirm, feel uncomfortable and defensive. It forced me to think from a different perspective. Thank you. We all need to think more about others and less about ourselves


    So I watched @Hannahgadsby’s #Nanette to see what the buzz was all about. I started off thinking I wasn’t the target audience and ended up thinking I was probably 100% the target audience. And then I watched it again. Powerful doesn’t even begin to go there.


    please go watch “nanette” by @hannahgadsby on netflix as soon as you can. i cried laughing. i cried from heartbreak. i cried i was so inspired. im actually exhausted.


    Just watched the Hannah Gadsby special “Nanette”. It’s a masterclass in many things, not the least of which is humanity. I’ll watch it again tomorrow because it is that good and that important.


    @ people who are shading people who keep asking people to watch nanette: hey man you should really watch nanette