Move Over Jon Snow, Jamie Fraser's Butt Is Coming For Your Crown

    God bless Outlander and its commitment to a naked Jamie.

    This post contains spoilers for Season 3, Episode 4 of Outlander.

    But if you are behind on Outlander, or haven't watched it at all, what are you doing with your life?! You're missing out on the beauty that is Jamie Fraser.

    In the latest episode, Geneva Dunsany blackmails Jamie into having sex with her because she doesn't want her first time to be with her crusty old husband-to-be.

    Like most of the sex scenes on Outlander, the scene emphasises the female gaze.

    And it is glorious.

    Most importantly, Jamie's butt gets a chance to be in the spotlight.

    And what a butt it is.


    And look, even though the scene is with Geneva and not Jamie's beloved Claire, the whole thing is pretty freaking hot.

    10/10 would watch again.



    Jamie has sex with Geneva, not Olivia as this post previously stated. Sorry, I was distracted by the butt.