The 25 Most Memorable Moments Of Australia’s Performance At Eurovision

We’ve made it, guys.

1. When we had no shame about how desperate we are to be included.

2. And then there was this outstanding shot of Australia being flown across the world, complete with Tasmania flapping in the wind.

3. And we totally knocked Britain out of the way.

4. Then the stage was flooded with Aussie stereotypes.

5. Like these blokes (?) with giant beers.

6. And this lady-koala.

7. And the greatest kind of football in the world, obviously.

8. There was also a fly for some reason.

9. Then we suggested adding the Big Pineapple to the Louvre.

10. And budgie smugglers on all naked statues.

11. And the roof of the Sistine Chapel was “improved”.

12. There was a close up of this guy but the best part was the AFL player dancing behind him.

13. And everyone bowed down to Australia’s new place in the world.

14. Then Jessica Mauboy took the stage.

15. And she was majestic.

18. The Aussies in the crowd were loving it.

19. And Jess strutted across the stage with the Aboriginal flag in the background like a boss.

20. It was awesome.

21. She looked like she was having so much fun.

22. Then an Australian astronaut descended from out of nowhere.

23. And declared it was one small step for Europe…

24. …And one giant leap for Australia.

25. It was basically the greatest moment in Australian history.

Watch the full performance here.

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Jenna Guillaume is Editor-at-Large for BuzzFeed and is based in Sydney.
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