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    The 34 Most Karl Stefanovic Things To Ever Happen


    1. Australian Today show host Karl Stefanovic has made headlines around the world this week for wearing the same suit every day for a year in the name of feminism. But he's so much more than a one-suit wonder...

    .@karlstefanovic's been wearing the same suit for the past year to prove this point: #Today9

    2. There was the time he did this very serious interview with Grumpy Cat.

    3. And then totally lost it.

    4. There was all the times he photobombed his co-workers.

    5. And when he tried to do the weather report.

    6. And the time he chased seagulls.

    7. There was the time he was arrested for his crimes.

    Just got arrested for crimes against journalism.

    8. And when he played netball.

    I take on the our netball superstars in a few minutes. Word. @LauraFirebirds got nothin

    9. There was the time he channeled Iggy Azalea.

    10. And Danny Zuko.

    11. There was the time he met Sam Smith.

    One of you DJs need to mix up a duff duff version of this lads song so I can build imaginary shapes on Friday night.

    12. And the Dalai Lama.

    13. And the Cookie Monster.

    14. And Harry Styles.

    15. There was the "long, stabby thing" incident.

    16. Which led to the "whacking off" incident.

    17. There was the time he tried to beat the pizza slap record with colleague Ben Fordham.

    18. And when he acted as Ben's stylist.

    19. And when he messed with the auto-cue on a story about Amsterdam.

    20. And when he tweeted this.

    21. There was the time this happened.

    22. And this happened.

    Three “@TheTodayShow: Some people say @karlstefanovic has a big head... We think he has two. #Today9 ”

    23. There was the time he peacocked his co-host Lisa Wilkinson.

    24. And the time he "proposed" to her.

    25. And when he played Wii with her.

    26. And when they tried a bit of WWE.

    27. There was all the times he tried to distract his colleague Dickie.

    28. And this Dickie selfie.

    29. There was the time this happened.

    30. There was his "winter uniform".

    This is my winter uniform. What you all got

    31. And the time he stared down Mornings host David Campbell.

    This is me staring you down @DavidCampbell73

    32. There was these dance moves.

    33. And the time he started work still drunk from the night before.

    34. And, most importantly, the time he ate the world's hottest pie.