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    11 Things We Know About Those New "Game Of Thrones" Shows

    They're definitely not sequels.

    There's been a lot of rumours flying around in the Game of Thrones fandom about HBO creating up to FOUR new spinoffs of the epic show once it's over.

    1. There are actually five pilot scripts in development.

    2. But that doesn't mean five shows will be created.

    3. There are writers officially attached to four of the scripts, and they're a pretty impressive bunch.

    4. The fifth writer is yet to be announced, but is someone who knows and loves Westeros as much as GRRM himself, the author said.

    5. None of the potential shows will be sequels or spinoffs in the traditional sense – i.e. they won't feature characters we know and love.

    6. It seems they'll all be set prior to the events of Game of Thrones.

    7. But they don't seem to be direct prequels that will include our faves, either – at least, none of them are about the events of Robert's Rebellion.

    8. None of the scripts are related to GRRM's Dunk and Egg stories, either.

    9. One of the ideas being developed is GRRM's.

    10. But GRRM is working with all of the writers on their scripts.

    11. And the whole team is dedicated to making them just as good as Game of Thrones.

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