Model Posts Nude Shot To Protest Environmental Policy

Robyn Lawley really wants to stop coal mining.

1. Australian model Robyn Lawley has taken to Instagram to launch a personal protest against the Australian government’s environmental policies.

2. Yesterday, she made a bold statement by posting this photo.

3. It was accompanied by a long and impassioned caption.

Woke up this morning to find out that our Environmental minister and the Abbott government have approved what will be the biggest mine of Australia.

Carmichael mine will cover an area seven times that of Sydney Harbour. The only way to get coal out of Carmichael mine is via the Great Barrier Reef. Millions of tonnes of seabed will have to be dredged and dumped in the World Heritage Area to make way for port expansions to service this mega-mine. Minister Hunt knew the company behind the mine, Adani, had a dirty track record.

In India, Adani has been investigated and fined for illegally building on villagers’ land and destroying protected mangrove areas. An investigation by the Karnataka anti-corruption ombudsman exposed Adani Enterprises’ active involvement in large-scale illegal exports of iron ore at its port, resulting in “huge” economic losses to the government.

Documents seized from Adani’s offices revealed the company was paying cash bribes to port officials, customs, police and local pollies in exchange for “undue favour for illegal exports”. Heres some more facts about this particular mine:
28 thousand hectares big, taking over 20 thousand hectares of native bushland
4 x fossil fuel emissions than the country of New Zealand
12 billion liters of water per year with the coal mine to have a lifespan of 90 years the extinction of the black throated finch - for a mine owned by Adani.

Instead of joining countries such as Germany and introducing more renewable energy to protect our great land for us and future generations, we continue to go backwards. Coal is soon going to be a dead commodity only bought buy irresponsible countries who do not care about climate change and the damage on the world.

I’m shocked and feel powerless so I decided to get people to read this one way or another, we have to stop them…before its too late.

4. This isn’t the first time Lawley has spoken out against Environment Minister Greg Hunt’s actions.

5. She is certainly not alone in her protests.

@KirrinaBarry @ajf247 @GregHuntMP not sure how you sleep at night Greg you know the harm you've done are you self spinning? #guilty

— thetalent (@thetalent19)


— I ngrá leis ghrá ☮ (@Cherylkarma)

.@GregHuntMP Gina Rinehart may own a lot but the #GreatBarrierReef belongs to us all. Please save it from coal developments #savethereef

— Evelyn Patricia (@eveinbrisbane)

.@GregHuntMP Is this what you want from Adani coal venture?

— Kirrina Barry (@KirrinaBarry)

@KJBar @Talaolp @GregHuntMP Minister of destruction.

— Clint (@5dragons)

@GregHuntMP Greg. You know if the Barrier Reef dies, you will have to leave the country.

— Brendan Rea (@yappy1960)

@GregHuntMP 1. Scraps carbon tax 2. Responsible for demise of GBR biodiversity & fisheries 3. Ruins tourism industry

— Dr Lilliana Corredor (@Amarial1)

13. Activist group GetUp! created this video highlighting their problems with the coal mine.

14. And Greenpeace have launched a “Save the Reef” campaign.

“This is one of the biggest environmental battles in our nation’s history,” they say. “We must build a strong and inspiring movement of concerned Australians who will protect our Great Barrier Reef and our climate.”

15. But the nude selfie-as-protest is yet to take off.


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