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23 Photos That Prove Melbourne Is The Hipster Capital Of Australia

Because ~constructed~ coffee is so 2015.

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1. When people voluntarily had lunch in a literal bin.

@theguiltyone /

2. When a plain old bike just wouldn't do.

3. Even for the whole family.

4. When the public transport system couldn't be fucked.

5. Like, really couldn't.

6. When this goat had a day out.

7. And so did this antique chair.

8. When indoctrination started early.

9. When a VB wasn't good enough.

10. And neither was a normal pint.

@lyndsclark /

11. And water from the tap just gave off the wrong energy.

12. When you could buy an espresso martini in a jar.

13. When coffee was deconstructed.

14. Or had mandarin peels in it.

@zero_defunk /

15. When this crisis happened.

16. When the trees wore jumpers.

17. And got love letters.

18. When this guy matched his ride.

19. When someone proofread and graded a goddamn sign.

20. And completely ignored this one.

21. When land prices were ruined.

22. When the street art went mobile.

@blazjenks /

23. And when it was so hipster it needed a whole goddamn new map.