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    "Suicide Squad" Stars Margot Robbie And Jai Courtney Are So Damn Aussie

    Jai now has a Queensland tattoo after losing a State of Origin bet to Margot.

    Aussie actors Margot Robbie and Jai Courtney both have starring roles in the upcoming Suicide Squad, and Margot recently revealed the pair really embraced their heritage on set.


    In an interview with Carrie Bickmore on The Project, Margot explained that she and Jai would often fight over who was the biggest bogan.


    For the record, Jai recently described himself as a "bogan piece of shit", so it seems Margot wins this round. But she also won in a bigger way...

    Margot said they filmed a bar scene in Suicide Squad during State of Origin, and in between takes she and Jai used an old pizza box to map out plays and analyse the game before watching it together afterwards.

    DC / Via Ten

    Jai is from Sydney, while Margot grew up on the Gold Coast, so there was a fierce competition between the two.

    They even made a bet - whoever's team lost would have to get a tattoo featuring the other's home side. And guess who won?


    Margot. Doing Queensland proud.

    So keep your eye's peeled for a new tattoo on one of Jai's arms.

    Kevin Winter / Getty Images

    It'll be a tough investigation.


    You can watch Margot's full interview on The Project here.

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