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27 Times Margaery On "Game Of Thrones" Was Actually The Best

THE Queen. Contains spoilers.

1. When she was proud of where she came from.

2. When she was ambitious and unashamed of what she wanted.

3. And was pragmatic AF when it came to achieving her goals.

4. When she had the fiercest outfits in all of Westeros.

5. But DGAF when she had other priorities.

6. When she gave the best damn side-eye.

7. When she was a pro at manipulating Joffrey.

8. But saw him for exactly what he was.

9. When she knew exactly how to play Tommen, too.

10. And even managed to manipulate the High Sparrow.

11. When she put Cersei in her place.

12. And totally insulted her with a smile on her face.

13. But also managed to do it even at her lowest point.

14. When she showed her soft side.

15. When she took Sansa under her wing.

16. And showed her more kindness than she'd seen in a long time.

17. When she totally owned her sexuality.

18. And said what everyone was thinking about Tyrion.

19. When she and her grandmother made the best damn team.

20. And protected each other, no matter what.

21. When she didn't wait around to be saved, but figured out a way to save herself.

22. When she was fiercely protective of her brother.

23. And cared about him above all else.

24. When she did everything she could to help him.

25. Right until the very end.

26. When she was the smartest person in the room.

27. And 100% deserved better.