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    Chris Hemsworth Is Still Bitter About "Civil War" And It's Hilarious

    Poor Thor.

    It's no secret Thor was a liiiiitle upset about being left out of Captain America: Civil War, which was directed by the Russo brothers.

    (If you haven't watched the hilarious Team Thor video about him being bored out of his brains in Australia while the rest of the crew were busy fighting it out in Civil War, go do it now.)

    In a video uploaded to Instagram from the set of Avengers; Infinity War, also directed by the Russo brothers, Thor/Chris (honestly, where does one end and the other begin?) let out some of his frustration.

    As you can see, he is NOT BITTER at all.

    Nope, no bitterness here.

    None at all.

    Poor Thor. At least he's got one friend.

    Even if they're just friends from work.

    P.S. Just gonna leave this GIF here.

    OK bye.

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