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    For Everyone Who Has A New Fave "Game Of Thrones" Character

    BOW DOWN. Contains minor spoilers.

    This week we met a new character on Game of Thrones: Lady Lyanna Mormont, leader of Bear Island and the new QUEEN OF THE NORTH*.

    She's the niece of former Lord Commander of the Night's Watch, Jeor Mormont, and cousin to Ser Jorah.

    But more importantly, she's a 10-year-old bundle of sass and badassery. Did you see the way she burnt Jon and Sansa?

    They're my faves and I'm not even mad, she was that good.

    And what about how she basically wouldn't listen to anyone but Davos, who saw her true power?

    Filling the Shireen-sized hole in Davos's life and ours.

    But best of all, like a true Northerner, SHE FUCKING REMEMBERS.

    Yep, that's the note she sent Stannis when he asked her for help in Season 5. She knows what loyalty is.

    Look at her getting ready for battle with her 62 men. Honestly, WHAT A QUEEN.

    All the dumb old grown-ass men who refused to help the Starks could learn a thing or two from her tbh.

    So could Jorah.

    And Tommen.

    Literally ALL OF US.

    Also she is named after Lyanna Stark, known badass/probably Jon's mother.


    Our true queen.