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    The "Love, Simon" Cast Just Hit The Red Carpet Looking Amazing

    Every single person in this cast is a precious cinnamon roll.

    Love, Simon is an adorable teen rom-com coming out this week in the US, and March 29 in Australia.

    The cast just attended the LA premiere and they are all too cute for words.

    Starting with Nick Robinson, who plays lead character Simon, a closeted gay teen. He falls in love with an anonymous penpal, a kid from his school who calls himself Blue.

    Then there's Aussie actor Katherine Langford. She plays Simon's best friend Leah.

    Here they are posing together! Cuties!

    Alexandra Shipp plays another of Simon's good friends, Abby.

    Here she is being completely adorable with Jorge Lendeborg Jr., who stars as Nick, another of Simon's best friends.

    Aussie Keiynan Lonsdale stars as Bram, a guy in Simon's group who Simon suspects might be Blue.

    Miles Heizer plays the second Blue candidate, Cal, who does musical theatre with Simon.

    And rounding out the Blue suspects is Joey Pollari, who plays Lyle, a guy who goes to school with Simon and works at the Waffle House he hangs out at.

    Logan Miller plays Martin, who does musical theatre with Simon and stumbles upon his emails with Blue. He uses them to blackmail Simon.

    Clark Moore plays Ethan, the only out gay kid at Simon's school.

    Talitha Bateman stars as Simon's sweet younger sister, Nora, while Cassady McClincy plays Simon's ex-girlfriend, Jackie.

    Natasha Rothwell is Simon's iconic drama teacher, Ms Albright, and Tony Hale plays Mr Worth, the vice principal of Simon's school.

    Josh Duhamel plays Simon's dad.

    OK here's one more shot of the core four because they're the best. 🔥

    And here's the trailer if you haven't seen it (or want to watch it for the four hundredth time, no judgement!).

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