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    Posted on 21 May 2018

    Meet The Cast Of "Love Island" Australia

    This show is gonna be a mess, and I'm gonna watch every second.

    Love Island Australia is almost here, and we finally have a look at the ab-tastic cast.


    If you don't know, Love Island is a dating show where a bunch of straight white people are dumped on an island in Spain in the hopes they'll pair up/fight over each other like animals on heat.

    Think Bachelor in Paradise, except with "regular" people instead of reality stars. It's even hosted by ex-Bachelorette Sophie Monk.

    Here are the, er, lucky singles looking for "love"...

    Charlie, 22, International Rugby Player


    Charlie has represented Australia at the Commonwealth games and is quite proud of his "290,000" Instagram followers (a closer inspection of his Instagram currently has him on 178,000 followers, hmmmm). He remains unbeaten in "eye-off" contests, whatever they are, and prefers sporty girls with "at least a C cup". But he's not picky about whether they're blonde or brunette.

    Justin, 27, International Model


    Justin is a model and also works as a concreter for his dad's business, which he says demonstrates both the feminine and masculine aspects of his personality. He never dates because he's afraid of rejection, but he's after a woman who is fit, motivated, loyal, funny, and beautiful, who wants to be with him all the time.

    Millie, 24, Doggie Daycare Worker


    An animal-loving party girl who describes herself as "a bit spicy", Millie says she can be convinced to do anything "for a laugh" and loves being the star of other people's Snapchat stories. She thinks her best features are her butt and her banter, and is interested in tradies or rugby players.

    Cassidy, 23, Bartender


    Cassidy is a country girl who loves reading "raunchy" romance novels and is hoping to end her eight-month dry spell. She says she's socially awkward and shy when meeting new people, but that she's easy to please. She likes surfie, tattooed, chivalric, sporty, outdoorsy, laid-back, and kind guys.

    Eden, 25, Prison Officer


    Apparently Eden can give a "hell of a lap dance", and doesn't care if he's labelled the "bad guy". He enjoys boxing and is more into skinny dipping than long walks on the beach. His last relationship ended because he got bored with being with the same girl. Anyone he dates “must have big boobs, big booty, some lip fillers, all round good body”.

    Erin, 23, Nurse


    Erin is "half Portuguese" and a "girl's girl" who says she is very loud and stubborn. She wants someone who is feisty, emotional, honest, muscular, active, tanned, tattooed, talkative, and funny. Her ideal partner also loves Disney movies, but isn't a mummy's boy.

    Josh, 25, Sports Administrator


    Josh says he has a "wandering eye" which is "genetic", and he frequently falls in love three times in one night. He once hooked up with a mate's girlfriend after promising he wouldn't. He loves stirring the pot and watching drama unfold around him. He wouldn't mind dating someone who's older than him, but they have to be "very fit and good looking".

    Natasha, 24, Beauty Salon Owner


    Natasha has never been embarrassed in her life, but she hates being called fake. She's dated multi-millionaires in the past, and prefers tall, tanned men with big muscles who have goals. She says "having a boat would be a plus".

    Grant, 22, Electrician


    Grant is a self-described larrikin who is most comfortable with his shirt off. He loves Elvis and still lives at home, but is hoping to find the one on Love Island because he wants to buy a house and have kids asap. He gets annoyed when people say he's too young to settle down. He wants a woman who is confident, tanned, and loves the outdoors and going to the gym.

    Tayla, 21, Beauty Queen


    Tayla is an amateur boxer who has stopped dating because she doesn't trust men. She's after a guy who is taller than her, has a stable job, and is driven and family-orientated. She usually goes for guys with blue eyes and blonde hair, and wants to find someone who loves her for who she is, not what she looks like on Instagram.

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