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    Posted on 23 Apr 2017

    29 Photos Of Celebs Getting Glam For The 2017 Logies

    It takes a village.

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    1. Chrissie Swan got out the wax.

    2. Zoë Foster Blake shared this close-up of her shoes.

    3. And Gorgi Coghlan revealed just a bit of her dress.

    4. Mel Doyle and Kylie Gillies had a lot of luggage.

    5. Sarah Harris was ready to transform.

    6. And Keira Maguire gave a peek into the whole process.

    7. Lee Elliot looked suave AF.

    8. Olympia Valance and Mavournee Hazel got massages and then staged an impromptu photo shoot.

    9. Joel Creasey had a cold one.

    10. While John Aiken cracked open the bubbly.

    11. And Anthony Callea had a martini in the bathroom.

    12. Nicole da Silva did some yoga.

    13. Deborah Knight shared some hair options.

    14. Rebecca Judd revealed her glam look.

    15. And Sylvia Jeffreys showed off her tousled locks.

    16. Erin Molan got curly.

    17. Lisa Wilkinson shared her before and after.

    18. Shelly Craft put her feet up.

    19. Sonia Kruger went for a walk.

    20. Jackie Gillies got a tan.

    21. Jessica Rowe got ready with her Studio 10 co-host Denise Drysdale.

    22. Dannii Minogue had a blow-dry.

    23. Catriona Rowntree shared her make-up in progress.

    24. Rebecca Harding was princess-ready.

    25. Emma Freedman was pretty in pink.

    26. Sandra Sully shared her bling.

    27. The Cleverman crew rode together.

    28. Casey Donovan was really nervous about performing.

    29. And Yael Stone tried to recover from pneumonia.

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