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41 Of Your Favourite Movies If They Were About Potatoes

Life is Potato.

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2. Dawn of the Planet of Potatoes

3. Jurassic Spud

4. The Spudfather


6. One Fry Over the Potato's Nest

7. Remember the Potatoes

8. The Spudshank Redemption

10. Raging Spud

11. Potato

12. Gone with the Taters


14. The Grand Budapest Potato

15. The Wizard of Spuds

16. Guardians of the Potato

18. Potato Gump

19. The Sound of Potatoes

20. 2001: A Potato Odyssey

22. The Silence of the Mashed Potatoes

23. Singin' in the Spuds

24. It's a Wonderful Potato


26. The Amazing Spider-Spud

27. The Raiders of the Lost Potato

28. Saving Private Spud

30. The Talented Mr. Potato

31. Almost Potato

32. To Kill a Potato

34. A Streetcar Named Potato

35. A Potato in Paris

36. My Fair Spud

38. Run Potato Run

39. Mean Spuds

40. The Spudbook


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