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    Manny Jacinto Has Always Been Hot, But "Nine Perfect Strangers" Takes It To Another Level

    Yes, I'm watching Nine Perfect Strangers for the "plot."

    Nine Perfect Strangers is a great new drama on Hulu, but most importantly it stars Manny Jacinto.

    Manny Jacinto as Yao smiles

    Now, Manny Jacinto is extremely talented, and he is excellent in the role of Yao, the right-hand man of mysterious Masha, who runs creepy wellness retreat Tranquillum House.

    Yao looks at Delilah, who is out of focus, with affection

    He also happens to be really fucking hot.

    Yao stands outside during the daytime, looking down

    Like, he's already outrageously good looking, and then you add the moustache? And the long hair??? And the deep, thoughtful stares???? And the head tilt?????? And whatever he is doing with his hands??????????

    Also, um, arm veins.

    A disheveled Yao wears a dirty grey t-shirt and stadns in a doorway

    And this single! strand! of hair!

    Close-up of Yao with messy hair, one strand hanging in his face

    Just...everything that's happening here.

    Needless to say, a lot of people are going wild for Manny in Nine Perfect Strangers... we need to talk about Manny Jacinto in #NinePerfectStrangers 😍🔥

    Twitter: @Pinkcess_Ash

    Manny Jacinto could run his own messed up retreat and I would be all in. #NinePerfectStrangers

    Twitter: @FlossAus

    manny jacinto. that’s it. that’s the tweet #nineperfectstrangers

    Twitter: @jelevision

    Already, #NinePerfectStrangers is winning me over as it's increased my Manny Jacinto screen quotient by 100%

    Twitter: @Tweet_Dec

    manny jacinto please give me a chance

    Twitter: @LAHA1INE
    Vince Valitutti/Hulu / Twitter: @AltStarCinema

    starting #NinePerfectStrangers and I did NOT know Manny was in this??? HELLO SIR???

    Twitter: @starryeycd

    Manny Jacinto!!! 😍🤤😍 You're welcome! #NinePerfectStrangers

    Twitter: @talaketalks

    Manny Jacinto could confiscate my phone anytime anywhere any day. Don't need to look at a screen if he's in front of me. #NinePerfectStrangers

    Twitter: @jasonleegrobby
    Twitter: @dharmascholar

    Thank you, Manny Jacinto. Thank you very much.

    Yao smiles and has his hands together in a prayer position

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