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Lee Lin Chin Reads Mean Tweets She Wrote Herself And It's Perfect

Plot twist: they're HER mean tweets.

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SBS newsreader, sassy tweeter and all-round badass Lee Lin Chin appeared on The Feed tonight to read mean tweets - from herself.

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She took aim at a number of media figures, like Jeremy Clarkson...


"@JeremyClarkson We all know that the only reason you're racist is because I rejected your advances."

And fellow SBS reporter Ricardo Goncalves (with a side swipe at BuzzFeed Oz, oh hey Lee Lin Chin!).


"@BusinessRicardo In 5 months you'll be working for @BuzzFeedOz... on a freelance basis."

She also stated what we all really want to see - a fight to the death between the Stefanovic brothers.


"@KarlStefanoic @PeterStfanovic I'm calling for a fight to the death between you two. Highlander rules. There can be only one. Survivor becomes my bride. xx"

Never change, Lee Lin Chin. Never change.