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    17 Very Important Questions I Have After Watching "Last Christmas"

    Warning: this post contains major spoilers.

    This post contains spoilers for Last Christmas. Proceed with caution.


    Okay, now on with the questions...

    1. Is Henry Golding’s character a ghost or an angel?


    This feels like an important distinction.

    2. Where does he go when he disappears?


    Is he actually helping other people?

    3. Why did he choose this particular moment to show up?


    Is it the anniversary of his death? Or did he just get sick of watching Kate waste her life/his heart?

    4. Wait, WAS he watching her before he turned up?


    Can he watch her at any time? How does the whole supernatural thing work?

    5. So, nobody else could see him at all?


    Everyone must have thought Kate was bonkers huh.

    6. Um, does he fuck?


    Come on, we were all thinking it.

    7. If he does, why DIDN’T they fuck?


    I mean, I know, he was sparing her more pain, blah blah blah, but he could have at least jingled her bells before it was all over, amirite?

    8. Why did Kate accept the whole “he’s dead” thing so quickly and not question that she was maybe, uh, losing her mind a tiny bit?


    Because I would definitely take a moment to ponder this.

    9. How did Tom’s phone end up in the kitchen cupboard?


    Did he put it there before he died? Why was it still there, considering the rest of the apartment had clearly been cleaned?

    10. Just to backtrack for a moment, why was Kate SO obsessed with George Michael?


    He means so much to her but it’s never fully explained.

    11. Is Kate giving up on her dream of being a professional singer altogether?


    The auditions seemed brutal, but surely there’s hope for her yet?

    12. By the way, Kate always looks great, but isn’t she FREEZING in all those cute little dresses with nothing more than this coat?


    I mean, those glittery tights don’t exactly look warm.

    13. Where does Tom get so many wardrobe changes from?


    Is this a magic ghost/angel thing?

    14. When Tom says his heart always belonged to Kate, does he have some ghostly insight into some soul mate shit or is he just being sweet?


    Either way, I’ll take it. And go cry in the corner.

    15. Kate and that Nathan guy from the homeless shelter are definitely going to get together, right?


    I low-key ship it already.

    16. By the way, is this actually a rom-com?


    I’m not convinced – I mean, the main couple don’t even end up together – but hey, I love it anyway.

    17. Finally, where do I sign up for a haunting from a ghost/angel like this???


    It’s all I want for Christmas.

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