21 Times Lara Jean Covey From TATBILB Made You Say "Same"

    Lara Jean "I'd Rather Be Reading" Song Covey.

    We've all been talking about Peter Kavinsky a lot since To All The Boys I've Loved Before dropped, but the truth is the Peter K – and the whole damn movie – would be NOTHING without Lara Jean Song Covey.

    1. Her bedroom looks like this.

    2. And she basically does one thing and needs a break.

    3. Her idea of a wild night is reading a good romance book.

    4. She really gets that *just one more chapter* struggle.

    5. She has been known to prefer fantasy to real life.

    6. When she's not reading, she likes to do face masks and carb-load.

    7. Or binge-watch her fave shows and movies.

    8. She gets real awkward around her crushes.

    9. She has conversations with them in her head.

    10. And actually practices awkward chats out loud.

    11. Sometimes she's so overcome with FEELINGS she just has to write them all down.

    12. She understands the pain of being a perpetual third wheel.

    13. She's introverted, but her face gives away so much about what she's thinking and feeling.

    Seriously, she makes the best faces.

    14. The thought of meeting new people scares the hell out of her.

    15. When faced with an excruciating social situation, she just kind of "nopes" out of it.

    Even if there are windows and large falls involved.

    16. She can't handle awkward parental talks.

    17. Driving is a challenge.

    18. She has her own unique set of pop culture references.

    19. For a smart person, she can be pretty dense sometimes.

    20. She has the realest bond with her sisters. Like she'll go from killing them...

    ...to cuddling them, in the space of five minutes.

    21. And most of all, she likes Peter Kavinsky. And not in a fake way.