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    Updated on Nov 27, 2019. Posted on Nov 26, 2019

    "Lady And The Tramp" Has An All-Star Cast – Here They Are Next To Their Characters

    So many big names behind those cute doggy faces.

    Tessa Thompson – Lady

    Disney, Columbia

    Tessa plays (the leading) Lady, a sweet and slightly spoiled cocker spaniel whose world is turned upside down when her family has a new baby.

    Justin Theroux – the Tramp

    Disney, @justintheroux /

    Justin nails the voice of the Tramp, a street dog who seems like a bit of a player but secretly has a heart of gold.

    Sam Elliott – Trusty

    Disney, Warner Bros

    Iconic Western actor Sam Elliott voices Trusty, a retired police dog who looks out for Lady.

    Ashley Jensen – Jock

    Disney, Netflix

    In the original Lady and the Tramp, Jock was actually a male dog, but Jock's now a lady dog voiced by Scottish actor Ashley Jensen.

    Janelle Monáe – Peg

    Disney, @janellemonae /

    Peg is a street dog voiced by Janelle Monáe, who perfectly brings to life her iconic pound performance of "He's a Tramp".

    Benedict Wong – Bull

    Disney, Marvel

    Benedict Wong is Bull, Peg's constant companion and fellow street dog who winds up at the pound.

    As for the human characters...

    Thomas Mann – Jim Dear

    Lady's human father, Jim Dear, is played by Thomas Mann, who you might recognise from Me and Earl and the Dying Girl.

    Kiersey Clemons – Darling

    Disney, Instagram: @kiersey /

    Kiersey Clemons, most known for roles on Transparent and Angie Tribeca, plays Lady's sweet and caring human mother Darling.

    Yvette Nicole Brown – Aunt Sarah

    Disney, NBC

    Community star Yvette Nicole Brown plays Darling's aunt who dogsits Lady even though she's low-key evil and high-key hates dogs.

    Ken Jeong – the Doctor

    Disney, NBC

    Fellow Community alumni Ken Jeong has a brief cameo as the doctor who delivers Darling's baby and ushers in Lady's new life.

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