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    23 Items Perfect For A Jane Austen-Inspired Wedding

    It is a truth universally acknowledged that Jane Austen adds romance to any occasion.

    1. This cake server stamped with a Mr Darcy quote:

    2. These Sense and Sensibility-inspired invitations:

    3. And these Pride and Prejudice-style invitations:

    4. This Pride and Prejudice ring "cushion":

    5. And this bridesmaid card:

    6. These garlands made up of pages from Jane Austen:

    7. And these cake toppers:

    8. These chapter-based table numbers:

    9. And this confetti:

    10. This Pride and Prejudice paper bouquet:

    11. This chalkboard sign:

    12. This Emma print:

    13. These cards highlighting Austen's best love quotes:

    14. These Emma candle holders:

    15. And these lanterns:

    16. This Emma matchbox:

    17. This guestbook:

    18. These photo booth props:

    19. These Pride and Prejudice cufflinks:

    20. And this brooch:

    21. These Lizzy and Darcy hair pins:

    22. This Austen-inspired tiara:

    23. And this Austen-inspired wedding dress: