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    Jai Courtney Says He's A "Bogan Piece Of Shit"

    "Same." - All of Australia, basically.

    Australian actor Jai Courtney is probably best known for playing American characters Kyle Reese in Terminator Genisys and Eric in the Divergent series.

    Bonds / Via

    (He has also modeled in his underwear for Bonds. This is important because of reasons.)

    But he's going full Aussie as Captain Boomerang in the upcoming Suicide Squad movie, and Courtney says the character is closer to ~himself~ than any other role he's played.

    DC / Via Instagram: @jaicourtney

    He told Slash Film it's because he's a "bogan piece of shit".

    "I think Jai Courtney the actor is actually the character and Boomerang is the man playing him. There is definitely some truth to that," he said.

    Watch Jai bogan it up in Suicide Squad from August 4.

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