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    29 Times Kath From "Kath And Kim" Was Fucking Hilarious

    Look at moi, ploise.

    1. When she got healthy.

    2. And kept trim.

    3. When she told the brutal truth.

    4. Over and over again.

    5. When she got philosophical.

    6. When she went bridal shopping.

    7. And got sexy.

    8. When she was ready to dance.

    9. And was the only one who could keep time.

    10. When she kept busy with important projects.

    11. When she revealed her dealbreaker.

    12. When she knew good hair.

    13. ...everywhere.

    14. When she complimented Kim.

    15. Every time she was protective of her amazing style.

    16. When she definitely WASN'T tiddly.

    17. When she knew the value of a banana.

    18. When she shared her art.

    19. And revealed her inspiration.

    20. When she came up with the perfect comeback.

    21. When she was on fire.

    22. When she showed off her oratory skills.

    23. When she was all of us when it comes to politics.

    24. When she was NOT chooky.

    25. When she stood up for herself.

    26. When she came up with a ~beautiful~ name.

    27. When she just chilled in the backyard like the Aussie queen she is.

    28. When she was so done with Kim.

    29. And every time she said "look at moi ploise".