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    27 Things Every Australian Thinks When They Travel To Britain

    Our beaches are definitely better.

    1. Fuck, that flight was long.

    2. Why is the money so big?

    3. Are 1p and 2p coins really necessary?

    4. I can't be bothered to figure out the exact exchange rate, so I'm just gonna double the cost of everything.

    5. OMG it's just like Harry Potter.

    6. Everything is so ~historical~.

    7. This pub is older than literally any building in Australia.

    8. Wow, you can get alcohol in every single grocery store.

    9. People actually drink Fosters though???

    10. British food is weird.

    11. How is "brown" a flavour?

    12. There's no chicken salt?!

    13. Marmite can get in the bin.

    14. What is with all the electric showers?

    15. The tube system is pretty great once you figure it out, ngl.

    16. Are these place names for real?

    17. Why do people stand on the right side of the escalator, it’s so confusing?!

    18. Wow, everything is so green.

    19. And there are sheep everywhere.

    20. How is there still so much open space with so many people living on such a small island?

    21. Oh, all their houses are joined together.

    22. How are there so many very different accents so close together?

    23. It's so cheap to fly to Europe!

    24. It's so expensive to get the train to the next city!

    25. Why are Neighbours and Home and Away on all the time?

    26. This is not remotely hot.

    27. And sorry guys, but our beaches are definitely better.

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