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    19 Times The "Thor: Ragnarok" Cast Proved They're Actually Hilarious IRL

    The greatest cast in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, tbh.

    1. When Mark Ruffalo admired Chris Hemsworth's beauty as much as the rest of us.

    2. And when Taika Waititi knew what the punters wanted.

    3. When Chris and Mark weren't bitter at all about being excluded from Captain America: Civil War.

    4. When Jeff Goldblum totally fanboyed over Taika.

    imagine jeff goldblum saying this about you

    5. And the two of them got quite intimate.

    6. And then Taika did this impersonation.

    taika waititi's jeff goldblum impression

    7. When Mark addressed that time he accidentally live-streamed the start of the movie.

    8. When Taika explained the deep-seated rivalry between Australia and New Zealand...

    9. ...and revealed that he and Chris were single-handedly bringing the two nations together.

    10. When Taika and Chris were super respectful of each other on the red carpet.

    11. When Jeff talked about being a "daddy".

    12. When Chris revealed his plan to become the One True Chris.

    13. And suggested a new superhero he'd like to play.

    14. When Chris crashed Tessa Thompson's interview on set.

    15. When Taika took this "would you rather" very seriously.

    16. When Chris revealed how his kids feel about him playing Thor.

    17. When Taika described the first time he and Chris met.

    18. When Chris explained the creative motivation behind the reinvention of Thor.

    19. And when the whole cast took over a movie theatre to perform Thor: Ragnarok in "4D".