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    Feb 11, 2020

    15 Interesting Details You Might've Missed In "Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina" Part 3

    Did you spot all the Riverdale nods?

    1. Sabrina and Harvey spot Jimmy Platt's ice cream truck early in Episode 1, foreshadowing his role later in the season.


    2. The truck itself features a nod to the name of the show on the front.


    3. For some reason, Prudence takes the form of Penelope Blossom when hunting Father Blackwood, under the alias Mrs Dubois.


    This raises a lot of questions that hopefully we get answers to next season!

    4. The whole trip to Hell pays homage to Wizard of Oz – with each of Sabrina's friend's having dead loved ones who represent twisted versions of the Scarecrow, the Tin Man and the Cowardly Lion.

    Netflix, MGM

    And, of course, Lilith represents the Wicked Witch of the West.

    5. The name of the main city of Hell, Pandemonium, is taken from John Milton's Paradise Lost.


    6. And a lot of the series takes cues from Dante's Inferno – most notably, Judas, Brutus and Cassius are the three worst sinners.


    7. The eldritch terrors are also mentioned frequently, and while eldritch generally means something sinister/supernatural, in this instance it's likely inspired by H. P. Lovecraft and his Eldritch Tales.


    With the "eldritch terror" inside the egg released at the end of Part 3, it seems likely Part 4 will take more cues from Lovecraft!

    8. The Hare Moon ceremony seems to be an aesthetic nod to Midsommar.

    Netflix, A24

    9. The pagan characters in CAOS are inspired by mythology – Pan is a god associated with the wilderness and theatre, Circe is a sorceress who turns her enemies into animals, and the Gorgons, like Nagaina, are associated with snakes and turn people to stone.


    10. The Green Man is also drawn from mythology (and sometimes connected with Pan) but the specific way it's represented in CAOS pays homage to The Wicker Man.

    Netflix, British Lion Films

    11. The man Hilda kills when in spider form is a Southside Serpent.


    12. When Sabrina and Ambrose go to Riverdale, you can see Jughead's graffiti on the back of the town sign.


    13. Hecate, who the coven is now worshipping, is an ancient Greek goddess connected with witchcraft who was often depicted as having three bodies and/or faces.


    Interestingly, the Roman version of her is Diana – the name of Sabrina's mother.

    14. This isn't the first time Hecate has been mentioned on the show – the witches called upon her during Jesse Putnam's exorcism.


    15. And finally, Sabrina's coronation sequence replicates this iconic scene in Elizabeth.

    Netflix, Working TItle

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