27 Times Oscar Isaac Made You Pregnant Without Even Touching You

    More like Poe Daaaaamneron.

    1. When he just existed with this jawline and it was borderline offensive.

    2. When he covered it up with this beard but it was OK because of THIS BEARD.

    3. And then when he shaved and it was also OK because, well...

    4. When his whole face was just beautiful and you couldn't look away.

    5. When these locks of hair lovingly caressed his face and it was so damn good.

    6. And when the wind gently billowed through his hair and it was even better.

    7. When he gazed lovingly at his Golden Globe and you wanted him to look at YOUR ~golden globe~ like that.

    8. When he nudged Lupita Nyong'o and you didn't know who to be more jealous of.

    9. When he cuddled this cat and you didn't think he could get any more adorable.

    10. When he suited up and it was goddamn perfect.

    11. And he wore this tux and it was a dream come true.

    12. And then he wore this leather jacket and you were like hnnnnggg.

    13. When he smiled like this and it made you feel all tingly.

    14. And he looked like this and pierced your goddamn soul.

    15. Literally every time he played a guitar.

    16. Especially when he was singing.

    17. When he did the ice bucket challenge and wasn't the only thing that got wet.

    18. When he ate a doughnut and it was basically a religious experience.

    19. When he licked his lips like this.

    20. And like this.

    21. AND LIKE THIS.


    23. When he said this and you were like "OK".

    24. And he spoke of being virile and you were like "yes, good."

    25. And then he talked about his schlong and you slipped off your chair.

    26. And then he said THIS and you were absolutely done for.

    27. And finally, every second he was on screen as Poe Dameron and completely, totally, literally impregnated you.