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    27 Tweets You'll Only Understand If You Grew Up In Australia

    Crying over the thought of doing the beep test.

    1. On everyday fears:

    Avoiding certain trees on the way to school cos there was always one overzealous magpie #growingupaustralian


    'no hat, no play, no school today' was probably the most terrifying thing to hear in primary school #growingupaustralian


    #growingupaustralian crying by the thought of having to participate in the beep test

    4. And everyday joys:

    when this was the most exciting thing in primary school #growingupaustralian


    #GrowingUpAustralian learning about drugs and alcohol from a giraffe in a van

    6. On school lunches:

    Writing your lunch order on a paper bag and puting the money inside #growingupaustralian


    "If u come to the canteen with me I'll buy u something" #growingupaustralian


    #growingupaustralian running to the canteen when the lunch bell rang to buy a meat pie because they always sold out first


    taking an entire lunchtime to eat one of these bad boys #growingupaustralian


    #growingupaustralian these saved your life for school lunch every day

    11. On primary school parties:

    Having these at any kids party #growingupaustralian


    Do I even need to caption this #growingupaustralian

    13. And high school parties:

    #growingupaustralian This was a regular feature of your high school parties.


    having a terrible drunk conversation with a friend of a friend at 3am at a table like this #growingupaustralian

    15. On TV classics:

    #growingupaustralian where it all started


    #growingupaustralian trying to guess which window it would land on


    Everyone else when they see Eliza Taylor: "Clarke Griffin" Me when I see Eliza Taylor: "Janae Timmins" #GrowingUpAustralian


    #growingupaustralian when u hear that mortified theme song and ur obsessed with the drama

    19. On humour:

    #growingupaustralian the funniest joke, to us, was a woman whose child was eaten by wild dogs

    20. On romance:

    kiss me ketut! #growingupaustralian

    21. On culture clashes:

    Wondering why Americans get uncomfortable when you talk about thongs #growingupaustralian


    "World tour" except Australia isn't actually a part of the world and if it is its Sydney #growingupaustralian


    #growingupaustralian "you're from Australia? Haha g'day mate!"


    "so do you like ride kangaroos to school?" smh #growingupaustralian


    #growingupaustralian when Americans complain that shipping is $4 and then Australians are here like...

    26. On winter:

    #growingupaustralian anything below 25° is considered winter.

    27. And the true Australian anthem:

    #growingupaustralian have you ever, ever felt like this......

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