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    I Rewatched The "Game Of Thrones" Season 1 Finale And Had So Many Thoughts

    My (re)watch has ended.

    1. It’s here. The final episode of Season 1.

    2. I still haven’t recovered from Episode 9.

    3. I definitely didn’t need to see a shot of Ned’s headless body.

    4. Bless Yoren for protecting Arya.

    5. Poor Sansa, with no one to even catch her as she falls.

    6. I have heard Bran’s family history lesson in the crypts about 1076 times because it’s played in nearly every Rhaegar x Lyanna fan video.

    7. I am such R+L= J trash.

    8. SHAGGYDOG. *sob*

    9. “He doesn’t like chains.” *sobs louder*

    10. Nope nope nope I don’t need to see all of Ned’s family finding out about his death.

    11. This episode is harder than the last.

    12. The scene between Catelyn and Robb is achingly beautiful, though.

    13. “We have to get the girls back. And then we will kill them all.” Oh, how I wish this had happened.

    14. Joffrey’s cruelty knows no bounds.

    15. Sansa deserved SO much better than all the awful men she’s had to deal with in her life.

    16. I hope she’s never put in such a position again.

    17. The way Sansa says “I won’t do any treason” in such a childish way makes it all the more heartbreaking.

    18. And the way she resigns herself to looking at Ned’s head in the next moment. My strong Stark bb.

    19. I still get goosebumps in this King in the North scene.

    20. Even more so now because Jon’s ~coronation~ was so reminiscent of it.

    21. It really makes me worry for Jon’s future, tbh.

    22. HE BETTER BE OK.

    23. “Am I your brother, now and always?” “Now and always.” Theon how could you betray Robb after this?!

    24. I love Jaime but I am here for Cat smashing his head in just a little bit.

    25. “There are no men like me. Only me.” Such a Jaime thing to say.

    26. Little Lancel, so excited for war. If only he knew.

    27. “Stop talking. Get back into bed.” Tell him, Cersei.

    28. I love how Tyrion makes a point by dramatically throwing his cup to the floor.

    29. “I always thought you were a stunted fool. Perhaps I was wrong.” Tywin’s blindness to Tyrion’s merits was his biggest flaw.

    30. Poor Dany.

    31. Fuck you, Mirri Maz Duur.

    32. …She deliberately killed Rhaego, right?

    33. Or is she just happy he’s dead?

    34. Look, what happened to her was awful but I still hate her.

    35. Honourable, loving Jon leaving Castle Black to fight beside Robb is everything to me.

    36. I kinda wish Sam hadn’t been successful in stopping him.


    38. They both could have been killed, and stayed dead…

    39. OK, maybe Sam stopping Jon was a good thing.

    40. And the way he and the other guys do it – by literally surrounding Jon with his vows – is pretty great, ngl.

    41. Bye Drogo. :(

    42. Poor Dany. Again.

    43. OMG Pycelle I’m really not going to miss you.

    44. Littlefinger just casually standing there, staring at the Iron Throne once again.

    45. “Do you lie awake at night, fearing my gash?” What a line, Varys.

    46. Jaqen!

    47. Hot Pie!


    49. I’m losing hope of ever seeing that beautiful bastard again and it’s very upsetting.

    50. “I want you and your wolf with us when we ride out beyond the Wall tomorrow.” At least Jeor Mormont recognises Ghost’s importance.

    51. I miss Jeor a lot.

    52. This end scene, with Dany stepping into the pyre and emerging with the dragons, is still so fucking powerful.

    53. BABY DRAGONS! They’ve grown so much since this moment.

    54. Dany’s Season 1 arc is so good, it’s a shame it kind of faltered at times over subsequent seasons.

    55. I can’t wait to see her fuck shit uuuuup in Season 7.

    56. As long as it’s not my faves’ shit she’s fucking up, of course.

    57. AND THAT’S A WRAP on my Season 1 rewatch. Thanks for playing along!