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    53 Thoughts I Had Rewatching The "Dawson's Creek" Pilot As An Adult

    So much nostalgia (with a side of yikes).

    Promo image form Dawson's Creek; they all look at the camera smiling
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    Like many of you who clicked on this post, I was a huuuuuuge Dawson's Creek fan growing up. I've rewatched it a couple of times as an adult, and spent way too many hours watching "Joey + Pacey best moments" compilations on YouTube. But it's been a few years, so naturally when I heard the show was hitting Netflix, I decided it was time to revisit Capeside yet again. Here are all the thoughts I had watching the very first episode...

    Joey and Dawson lay on his bed watching TV
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    1. The opening still gives me butterflies, as it pans from the creek up to Dawson’s house, with those pan pipes (?) playing. 

    2. I can never watch ET without hearing Katie Holmes say “I’ll be right hEeeEre”. 

    3. Wow, they were such babies. 

    4. When I was a teenager watching this, all I wanted was a boy best friend who I could share a bed with and maybe kiss. Only not one as terrible as Dawson Leery. 

    5. Why do I still know this entire dialogue off by heart. 

    6. “The male/female thing will get in the way.” They really set up the entire premise for the show in this one scene. 

    7. “Come on, don’t get all female on my Joey.” Ugh. Dawson. 

    8. Didn’t Joey just put on her shoes? Where did they go?

    9. Dawson is such a bed hog. No wonder Joey wanted to go home. 

    10. These opening credits make me want to weep with nostalgia.  

    11. I love that the introduction to Pacey’s character is him dressed as a sea monster, dragging Joey into the water, and then the two of them bickering. How was it not clear they were endgame from the start. 

    Jen walking away from a yellow cab
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    12. Jen getting out of that yellow cab in that sundress with “Hey Pretty Girl” playing is ICONIC. 

    13. Joey is already getting all defensive. Poor Jen. 

    14. “Think she’s a virgin, wanna nail her?” I forgot how grossly horny Pacey was at the start. 

    15. Mitch and Gail making out on the coffee table, classic Mitch and Gail. 

    16. “Mr Man Meat”. I want to vomit. 

    17. Dawson and Pacey working in a video store — with an I Know What You Did Last Summer poster up — is adding whole new layers of nostalgia I’m not quite ready to deal with. 

    18. “You’re vapor. Ffff. Fffff.” I thought that was the height of intelligent insults when I was younger.

    19. Oh my god oh no oh no here comes Tamara. This plotline is a mess. 


    21. Ahhhhhh this song. *adds “As I Lay Me Down” by Sophie B Hawkins to every playlist*.

    22. “Would you like to see my studio?” Wow Dawson that is a smooooooth way to get Jen in your bedroom. 

    23. Dawson is such a nerd and I love that Jen is already mocking him. 

    Dawson Leery talking in a classroom
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    24. It’s probably funnier to me than it should be that Dawson’s weird obsession with his mother cheating with her co-anchor turns out to be true.  

    25. Looool @ Grams saying Dawson Leery — DAWSON LEERY — is “trouble”. 
I mean, he is, but not in the way she means.

    26. Grams and Jen’s relationship and the way it changes and grows is actually one of the most interesting parts of the whole series. 

    27. I totally forgot Nellie Olson was a Thing in Season 1. 

    28. Dawson Leery sharing “little known facts” that are actually well known facts about a famous movie to his film teacher is just peak Dawson Leery.

    29. Dawson Leery would fucking love Twitter. He’s a total reply guy. 

    30. Jen tries so hard to make friends with Joey. Joey does NOT deserve it at this stage. 

    31. I’m ashamed to say I was totally Team Joey and hated Jen the first time I watched this. I was young and didn’t know better. 


    33. “Go home. Walk your dog.” I remember my mum asking me what “walk your dog” meant and I wanted to Die. 

    34. Some of these jokes have NOT aged well.

    Jen talking to her Grams in the kitchen as her Grams butters toast
    Warner Bros

    35. Bless Jen Lindley knowing her own mind and establishing boundaries with her grandmother in a respectful way. And also trying to make her say the word “penis”. 

    36. Not Dawson doing an anti-sex rant when he is literally so horny for Jen. 

    37. “Now blot ‘em together like this.” I have thought about this scene, with Bessie putting lipstick on Joey, every single time I have ever worn dark red lipstick since the age of 12. 

    38. *Adds “Good Mother” by Jann Arden to every playlist*. 

    39. I love how the core four are all in complementary shades of beige and blue for this non-date movie date. 

    40. Joey is SO MEAN to Jen I can’t believe I was ever on her side in this fight over Dawson that shouldn’t even be happening because he’s Dawson freaking Leery. 

    41. No, Pacey! Don’t go chasing after your teacher! It’s gross and also Joey is right there and you haven’t realised it yet but she is the love of your life!

    42. “Did you notice the long fingers?” This show is directly responsible for my teenage obsession with the length of guys’ fingers. 

    Pacey sitting next to Tamara in a movie theatre
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    43. The secondhand embarrassment I feel for Pacey right now is actually hurting me. 

    44. “Nothing penetrates with you, Dawson.” Joey is on the money with this one. 

    45. It’s okay, Jen. You don’t have to pretend Dawson isn’t a loser. He absolutely is. 

    46. “You’re wrong about one thing, Pacey. You’re not a boy.” HE IS 15. HE IS LITERALLY A BOY. STEP AWAY FROM THE BOY, TAMARA JACOBS. 

    47. “I’m sorry I was such an insensitive male. I thought I was above it.” This is the funniest thing Dawson Leery ever said. 

    48. Firmly believe everything between Joey and Dawson was them never wanting to relinquish ownership of each other rather than them actually being attracted to each other. 

    49. Never seen someone so heartbroken over a guy refusing to answer a question about how often he masturbates. 

    50. *Adds “I’ll Stand By You” by the Pretenders to every playlist*. 

    Dawson yells out of his bedroom window
    Warner Bros

    51. “Usually in the morning with Katie Couric.” Has Katie Couric ever commented on being the subject of Dawson Leery’s mastubatory fantasies? 

    52. Oooh and we have Gail being busted for cheating by Joey. Dun dun dunnnnnn. 

    53. That was so great (except Pacey’s storyline ugh). Now I need to go binge the rest because to nobody’s surprise, least of all my own, I am Dawson’s Creek trash for life.