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    I Rewatched The Eighth Episode Of "Game Of Thrones" And Had So Many Thoughts

    At least half of them were about Robb Stark.

    1. We open on the Lannister men slaughtering the Stark’s people. I’M NOT READY.

    2. They came so close to getting away.

    3. “Watching is not seeing, dead girl.” Syrio’s lessons do tie in nicely with Jaqen’s later. SYRIO IS JAQEN CONFIRMED.

    4. Watching Syrio protect Arya with a wooden sword is destroying me. Again.


    6. I love the Hound but his obsession with Sansa, who is still A CHILD at this point, is creepy.

    7. Ooft Arya’s first kill of many.

    8. Did Varys sneak into Ned’s cell just to tell him what an idiot he’s been? Yes. Yes he did.

    9. “The madness of mercy.” That sums up Ned’s character pretty well.

    10. Varys is telling Ned it’s his fault that Robert is dead. Way to kick a guy when he’s down, mate.

    11. I really need to know more about Varys’ back story and how he ended up where he did before this show is done.

    12. “I hope you’re not thinking of doing anything stupid.” – Everyone to Jon Snow, always, right before he does something stupid.

    13. I’m not complaining. I love my honourable, stupid Stark bbs.

    14. Oh my heart, Jon’s so worried about his sisters in King’s Landing.

    15. Poor Sansa. She’s in a terrible position.

    16. She just wants to see her dad and Cersei is giving her crap about it. IT’S NOT FAIR.

    17. Yo, how did a raven reach the Wall before one reached Winterfell?!

    18. Robb is calling the banners. Even though I know this ends badly I’m still weirdly excited?

    19. My hands are shaking as much as Robb’s.

    20. Lysa Arryn really is the worst.

    21. I miss Bronn and Tyrion as a team. I hope they reunite in Season 7.

    22. “BUT I HAVE GOLD!” – Tyrion’s answer to any problem.

    23. I guess it’s less violent than Dany’s solution: burn everything.

    24. Lol @ Tyrion just casually promising the Vale to the hill tribes.

    25. What happened to those guys?

    26. OMG JON.


    28. If only he’d been successful back then.

    29. Seeing Ghost always at Jon’s side and being the hero makes his absence from most of Season 6 all the more glaring.

    30. I never want to see Jon without him in Season 7 tbh. Make that budget work, guys!

    31. Jon burnt his hand guys but guess what HE’S STILL A TARGARYEN.

    32. I don’t understand the doubters. He is Rhaegar’s son.

    33. Sooo how exactly is Daenerys going to stop the Dothraki from raping and pillaging like this in Westeros?

    34. That classic mum line, “because I said so”? I don't see that working hey.

    35. I am here for how much Drogo loves fierce Daenerys. Although I’m not here for him thinking it’s all because of his own sperm.

    36. He is so glorious and brutal in this scene, though.

    37. If only that little scratch didn’t end his life.

    38. OK here’s something I’ve never understood: did Mirri Maz Duur do something that caused the wound to become infected, or would it have become infected anyway?

    39. FUCKING UMBERS. I know the Greatjon wasn’t a traitor but that name and sigil still makes me so mad.

    40. LOL at Grey Wind just casually ripping off some of Greatjon’s fingers.

    41. Back when the direwolves just casually did things.

    42. And were, you know, alive.

    43. Robb is so good at being a leader.

    44. “There must always be a Stark at Winterfell.” This is a lot to put on little Bran’s shoulders.

    45. “Until I return.” Sigh. Yeah, that will never happen Robb.

    46. “They’ll be back soon. Robb will free father, and they’ll come back with mother.” “No they won’t.” Guys, Rickon knows where it’s at.

    47. Poor bb Rickon.

    48. HODOR. OK this scene isn’t making me so sad because I am distracted by Hodor’s giant peen.

    49. Sam spilling that book knowledge. I wonder what more he’ll find in that big-ass library in the Citadel…

    50. Aw, Robb just wants to hug his mummy but he has to act like a tough guy in front of all his friends.

    51. Back when they still had hope of saving Ned. Ow.

    52. Tywin and Tyrion’s interactions were always so compelling.

    53. Tywin seriously underestimated Robb though.

    54. Fuuuck, Robb had more than 20,000 men? And Jon ended up with, what, 2000 in the Battle of the Bastards? Dire.

    55. “Tell Lord Tywin, winter is coming for him.” Best deployment of that catchphrase so far.

    56. Joffrey sitting there all smug on the throne. What a punchable little shit.

    57. Honestly the nerve of Cersei, dismissing Ser Barristan for the death of the king SHE killed.

    58. Yaaass Ser Barristan, mic drop that armour.

    59. It was so brave of Sansa to appear before Joffrey to speak for Ned.

    60. Oh gaaaahd I’m not ready for Episode 9.